LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast

Interview with Tawala Sharp

April 11, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 27
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Interview with Tawala Sharp
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In this episode, Hardin interviews producer of KFI AM's "The Mo' Kelly Show", and host of "Nerd-O-Rama" on iHeartRadio, Tawala Sharp.

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Hello, and welcome back to another incredible episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I am extremely grateful to be here because I woke up and I'm here. So that's all it takes for me to be grateful. You know what I'm saying today, we have an excellent program today. And that's because I got someone very special on the show as a guest. This brother is the producer of the MO Kelly show on K AFI. He's also the co host and producer of note Obama on iHeartMedia. The brother has been working in the business since 1995. With 92.3 to beat back when 92.3 To beat was the business, you know what I'm saying? And he's been doing his thing and living his dream ever since. And that's why he's on the show because he's an absolute boss. And the brother's name is to Wallace sharp, Mr. Sharp How you doing?

Tawala Sharp  0:54  
Brother heart, Dean, I look, man, let me tell you something. It is an honor to be on here. It is an honor to be speaking with you. I know we had you on the MO Kelly show some time back when you were looking to leave Pasadena into better days as mayor. And I always appreciated your energy, and just what you were looking to bring to the people. And when I saw what LIFO boss was doing, and you asked me to come on, I could I could not say no, sir.

Jason Hardin  1:23  
Well, I'm honored and extremely pleased to have you on my show. Because like I said, You're a very seasoned vet when it comes to this. Podcasting, this this podcasting and all this because like I said, You You saw the introduction of it, you know, you was there since the beginning use this and use podcasting since before podcasting. You know, like when there was when there was only radio when when podcasting was just talk radio. You don't I'm saying so. So it's definitely an honor to have you here. It's definitely a thrill. And I'm actually like I said, I'm I'm excited to get whatever game that you got to give and we don't dig about you today.

Tawala Sharp  2:04  
Hey, man, look, I'm here to share. I'm here to be a service and to help those who are tuning in to become better bosses in their lives.

Jason Hardin  2:15  
Well, I appreciate that, because that's what we're all about, man. We're all about personal development, because that's what being a boss is about, you know what I'm saying? And that's why I've got you on the show. Because I know that you have mastered personal development to some degree to get where you are today. You know what I'm saying? And, and that's what I want to dissect and really want to kind of share with our audience is that mentality, that mindset, whatever that was, and and what was that? Like? When did you decide that you wanted to get in radio that was your calling, you want to get into broadcasting? And when did you go for it?

Tawala Sharp  2:49  
You know, in around 1988 Me and my brother McCain Stroman also from Pasadena, you know, we were we were heavy into rap. Heavy into spitting rhymes. And sometime around 1990. Myself, my brother when del Blackburn and my brother Terry, we all we started a group called BASS Almighty and we dropped a single called Ain't no party, you know, ain't no party on a West Coast party because a West Coast party don't stop. And it got love on the beat. It got love on the beat. And we was we was height we're like, oh, man, we want to put out the Bina on the map. We were out of here. And then as as those five minutes of fame often happened, five minutes came up and the group went nowhere. You know, the label, you know, fell apart. And next thing you know, I'm back out there walking around. And folks like man did not see your single exam.

Tawala Sharp  3:51  
I want you doing working as a frozen yogurt place now. You know, so I there was something about visiting 92.3 to beat the station that had first played my music. And being in there and seeing wow, people actually work at a radio station. Like I had no idea how radio works. Yeah, knew that we live. We turned into K day back in the day. And then we started tuning into power. 106 Yeah. When they started playing hip hop, yeah. But the beat showed me love and they showed Mad Love. They had us on the radio all the time for every other reasons. And I was just enthralled by it. Wow. When the routier didn't work, I reached out to the program director or actually she was the assistant music director at the time Marianna Snyder and I was like Maruyama, like, like, I know, you show love for music, like, how do I get a job there? And she said, Well, you know, there are no real jobs around here available, but we always are bringing on internet. I had no idea what that was. I was like, what, what are we going to do? You say, Well, you know, if you're able to enroll in a broadcast course, you can get an internship through the broadcast course with the beat. Wow, am I okay, so what I got to do go to a radio school, she said, you can look at your local college. I looked up Pasadena City College, they have a telecommunications program, and I enrolled immediately. And let me tell you, I was not an A student by any means. High school, I was probably at best a D student. Truthfully, I was in school was not my thing coming up in Pasadena. But when I got to Pasadena City College, and I got in telecommunications, the very first time I saw an a, on a report card. Oh, wow. First time, I was awarded for being like a stellar student. I didn't know what I fell in love at that point. And all I wanted was more of that. And when I finally got finally took the requisite courses at Pasadena City College, I went back to the beat and I was like, Hey, I got my paperwork. I'm ready to intern. And they put me on as Julio, geez. Second, enter Julio G had just gotten on the radio. Yeah, easy. recipes that just passed, Julio G was new to the air. And they had me in there, Julio G. answering phones, but it would be like, Ah, wow, oh, man. Oh, we kind of hungry, can you run down to the, to the Italian place that because of the pizza, or pick us up some spaghetti. I was doing everything. And that is how I learned how you get into this industry. I would I would get in there as early as possible and stay as late as possible. soaking up the knowledge, soaking up the information, asking everyone in there. Hey, what do you do? Oh, I've worked in sales. What is sales? Well, what sales is is XYZ. And what do you do? I do engineering. What is engineering? I was a sponge, I soaked up every single thing. As an intern, I became indispensable. They knew when something needed to be to be done. reached out to us. Wow, he'll do it. And he'll do it to the best of his ability. One time, brother, they asked me to organize the music library. And I went in there and there stuff all over the place in buckets and crates. Every CD every piece of vinyl at that station everywhere. It was it was I had just finished with Julio and I Okay, cool. No problem. They came back the next morning and I was still in there alphabetizing every CD, and they're like, Have you been here all night? I'm like, Yeah, you guys said you need it done. And so I'm here getting it done. Because if you ask me to do something, if you ask me what I was doing with it the very next time, I had to say it's done. I couldn't say I'm still working on Yeah, I felt hunger. So when a when a position opened up, as as a music coordinator, or whatever was when I first started, they were like, to wild got to get that position. And after that, I've never looked back. I was with 92.3 to be on the when they became 100.3 to be all when they became v 100. Until the end I was there with

Tawala Sharp  8:06  
all the way to John Salley. Wow, I was there at the beginning of Steve Harvey before he became national, yes, just blowing up in LA. I was there I was one of the individuals that helped to bring La La to LA from Atlanta before she became this international star. Yeah, you know, my career, I've had the pleasure of producing and CO producing some of the biggest conference in LA, Summer Jam, yay, cool down secrets show, you know, all these different shows. And in my career, I've had the opportunity to be there from artists who you know, now yeah, I remember them when they were nobodies when they were coming to the station begging for airplay. And now you know them, you know them across the world. And I remember that because of a decision I made to help someone out. But I was also able to help out my people from Pasadena. Yeah, anyone who had a demo, anyone who's trying to come on because I remember how I was hungry, trying to get on the radio, trying to get my record played. And I told God, I made a promise with the Most High. I said, God, if you get me in here, I will never turn a blind eye to being there for someone else who needs help. And that's my calling. Throughout my career, anyone who's reached out if I am able to be of service, then I will serve because that's what I told God I would do. I'm paying that my promise to the Lord with everything that I do.

Jason Hardin  9:36  
Well, I can I can absolutely say that I vouch for that, you know, cuz uh, and since I got you on my show, and since we're live, I do want to take this opportunity to thank you. Because for those who don't know, Twala got me on radio on the MO Kelly show. The first time I ran for mayor and, and it was an incredible experience. So and I didn't know While that well then so for him to say, Oh, look at this young brother trying to do something and then say, You know what, let me plug you in with Mo and get you on the show. And it was an incredible experience. And that was my first ever interview for that campaign, being on the radio, and that was my first any ever real interview like that. And it came from Twala sharp, and I do want to thank him right now, as well as mismo Kelly, but, but really Twala for making that moment happen. So I appreciate you, brother. And I can vouch for your love that you have, and where you come from straight up. And you're more than welcome, brother. And just to just to, like, shed some light on on your journey and your opening, you know, your opening statement. It was incredible, because there was so many gems, in that. I mean, from from intern, the gatekeeper, you know, cuz that's what I got out of what you just said, you go from intern, to gatekeeper but even from before the intern, and that's really what I want to touch on first is that you said something that I speak on a lot. And that's when you you went you was all in on being an artist, right? He was all in and he was all in to the point where we were doing whatever you can to get to demo her to record and to get on the radio, right? And, and you finally made it on the radio, right? But because of all that, you know, and even after all that the music career didn't quite work out. But you were all in enough in long enough to expose yourself to the other careers that were involved in that industry that sparks your fire. In I say that that was so important, because I try to tell folks that like maybe they're interested in basketball, maybe they're interested in, in video games, like whatever you are interested in, if you dive into it. Enough, if you show enough interest and passion for it, you get to see that it's an industry, meaning there's an industry worth of jobs and careers and, and things to do that, that that just being in front of the camera in front of the microphone just scratches the surface, you know, and go ahead.

Tawala Sharp  12:14  
When I was when I first got in there, you know, of course getting into radio, I wanted to be an air personality, I wanted to be a DJ, super, super bad. Get an opportunity like I was on in the morning, afternoon night, whatever I was filling in, I have my own weekend show. At one point I did full time overnight. Wow. Then I started realizing that the real power is the person that is telling man personality. person in charge of every single record that comes out, brother at one point, as the music director, I had one of the most powerful seats in the entire music industry. Because the west coast was not important for music, nail and black music. If it wasn't playing on my station, the beat, it didn't mean a thing. Yeah, I was a person who said yea or nay to music going on the air. That's all that I said, wow. That's something that you would not know about. If all you if all you're you're caught up in is being on the mic being in front of the camera. And the director gives that power.

Jason Hardin  13:25  
Exactly. And I'm sure that wasn't even your your vision at first you don't I'm saying? It seems like from listening to you talk. It seemed like it was just while passion for what you were doing that got you to that seat, not necessarily looking for that seat. You know what I'm saying? Yes.

Tawala Sharp  13:40  
And that's why I'm being open to the idea.

Jason Hardin  13:43  
Exactly. And I think that's why we have to appreciate the journey. And that's why I was trying to tell folks, it's the journey that matters more than the destination, you know, and that's also why I say success is a lifestyle success. Isn't that that seat? You know, success wasn't that seat because you wouldn't even look for that seat. You don't I'm saying somebody else might look at you like, man, he's successful, because he's sitting in that seat. But you know, success was what he was doing every day to get there. It's what you doing the next day? You don't when you left that seat before you got to see you know, some success is indeed a lifestyle bow. And you are the epitome of it. Because like I said, to see you come from that or to hear you come from that and to see where you are now. It's it's wonderful. You know what I'm saying? And it's beautiful because like I said you are from our community. So that makes it even more special. Do you know what I'm saying?

Tawala Sharp  14:33  
You know, it's interesting is is in my journey and my time as the beat. I made myself indispensable. I say I've made myself indispensable. When I did what I did, I was the only person that can do it. Yeah, yeah, time was the beat the beat transferred hands as far as company owners several time from from app from Chancellor to Evergreen 2am FM, clear channels, all these different owner radio owner groups came in and every time they came in, they would eliminate my position. I would always lose my job.

Jason Hardin  15:16  
Position. Yeah. And then they would look

Tawala Sharp  15:18  
around and they would say, okay, so Alright, we've cleaned house. Okay, so who does this, this this that the other

Jason Hardin  15:24  
is no name kept coming up.

Tawala Sharp  15:28  
Every single time it would be like, way too many women. One guy did all of this by himself. It'd be like Yeah, and like, so instead of us having to hire five different people, we could do that with one person. Yeah, I've always the longest I was ever out of a job there, I think was like, maybe two months. I don't even think it was two months. And then that two months, the general manager of the station close to Allah, please do not take another job. We are going to get you back in

Jason Hardin  15:56  
the budget say that every time you must have came back. They must have been more money.

Tawala Sharp  16:02  
And also that added respect.

Jason Hardin  16:03  
Yeah, absolutely. Without a

Tawala Sharp  16:06  
positive like, wow, we are sorry, we had no idea. It's like, it's all good. Because I don't advertise it. I just do. I just do the I got a garage full of gold and platinum platinum plaques that are not on my wall. Because that's not what it was about, for me was about the work. It was about reaching out. It was about making that station sound good about being real about the music, about listening and about being a steward of my craft, and always maintaining relationship. You know what one of the key things you can do in this industry rather maintain your relationship where I'm at right now with Moe Kelly and Kelly show that came from a relationship because at the time when at the beach, that is where I met most absolutely putting G unit on a concert because we built such a solid relationships and so when he reached back out to me when he got his time at the hates Wallace, I know you've been in this industry forever. Come and help me out on this station man. Nah, homie. Nah,

Jason Hardin  17:13  
that must have been an honor just to have him ask you directly.

Tawala Sharp  17:17  
Oh, yeah, no, no, no, it was a wonderful thing. Because it was a relationship. It was like, Man, I know this brother. This brother knows me. I'm not really working right now. I just had a double transplants, I was just chilling. Yeah, that's also for him to reach out. That's a relationship. One of the most powerful black women and not even say black women, one of the most powerful women in the music industry right now is a system named Ethiopia. Ethiopia. Remember Ethiopia was she was just walking dogs for Lala. Oh, wow. That's a real true true story. Like Ethiopia was just like, hungry. Right now. She is one of the most powerful women in the entirety of the music industry. Wow. And if I reach out to her and I say, hey, Ethiopia, what's going on? She will hit me back into Hey, tea, it's all good. What's up, because you

Jason Hardin  18:09  
maintain relationship you

Tawala Sharp  18:12  
are you are super cool with the person walking the dogs as you are when we walk into an office, you say hi to the receptionist, you she's the most or he is the most important person on planet Earth. So I know are running the top labels in the world running radio stations. We have one intern that used to work with us went on to be like the right hand of the top of I Heart Radio. Yeah, yeah, these are the type of things you got to know as you're coming up. And as you are becoming a boss, maintain relationships, always put your best foot forward and know how to pivot on a dime change like

Jason Hardin  18:52  
that. Absolutely. There was one thing you said I wanted to touch on before I forget it. And it was the fact of of you saying you made yourself indispensable? And I always say don't just make a presence you know Make your presence felt don't just be there Make your presence felt you know what I'm saying? And and that takes a certain type of attitude you know, cuz not everybody was born with that and then some people have to develop it you know, that that they're doing beyond the call of duty that they're living up to your word that putting in that work? And my thing was, is since success has so much to do with that attitude. Where did you get that attitude or? Or how did you develop it was something that you always had or did you learn it have that that just selfless like I'm here to to to like I said do my work like like I will say like when I have a job I'm shoveling shit I'm gonna be the the best shit shoveler you ever go five why cuz I signed up the shovel. I'm not gonna shovel shit with the attitude looks so

Tawala Sharp  19:50  
good. This shit is in the neatest

Jason Hardin  19:56  
activation design out that month like you Some last game to it but but that's what I'm talking about. That's the pride I have. And, and you obviously have that same pride in whatever you're doing. You're gonna do it with care and love and attention in, in real in real detail. So What gave you that because it came at a young age I'm saying, what was it? Man? Look,

Tawala Sharp  20:18  
you're gonna look at what I do and you're gonna say damn like right now, on our weekend show. We have we have been nominated and have won some of the top awards in radio. For a weekend show. We have had almost every presidential candidate. Wow. Governors, we have had a diplomat, we have had the top actors in the world on our show. And every single time they all say, Man that was quite possible in the best interviews I've ever had. That's one of the best experiences I've ever had. Almost a pool of people look like how in the world are you getting these people? Because we don't just do the job. We go above and beyond in every single thing. Like you said, I believe that making sculptures out of that shit were shoveling and that is a fact. If you do can never just your job not if you're trying to be successful. Not if you're trying to win if you if you start your own company. You can't say I want my burgers or okay, I know exactly what not to say my burgers are so good. People are our main line in it. People are taking my burgers and they're cutting them up and they're smoking my burger. That's how damn good my burgers are.

Jason Hardin  21:33  
Like Chick fil A.

Tawala Sharp  21:37  
Like Chick fil A. Exactly. In and out. Yeah. Damn it. I would go I wouldn't go to Burger King. But you know what? I'm gonna go to Tyrone's burgers cuz he's got the best burgers, the best staff the Columbia's restaurants, he's got a special sauce. You have to go further. And I think it as far as I have, cuz I was always hungry for more never satisfied. And it really comes from my grandmother's recipe. Okay? Baby, find something you love doing and make a career out of that. I love what I do without a shadow of a doubt. I mean, I know I love it's because I interned for damn near nine months. Started, that's working for free.

Jason Hardin  22:25  
No money and doing real work. No, not doing work like you are volunteers. And you can sit down when you want to and take breaks down work like you getting paid. And Joe asked me to be doing this. And I said

Tawala Sharp  22:40  
I quit a job.

Jason Hardin  22:42  
Wow. But

Tawala Sharp  22:45  
I'm working like a nine to five job. I'd be there early in the morning. Not they wake up, be there wait to Julio G came on and still be there after he was gone? Because I wanted it bad.

Jason Hardin  22:55  
Do you have any? Any regrets?

Tawala Sharp  22:59  
The only regret that I have is that there weren't enough people in the industry willing to show the level of love that I now show

Jason Hardin  23:12  
me. I can vouch for that too. But

Tawala Sharp  23:16  
man, I really do you wish there were more of a wow, we're willing to lend a hand. Every single person who interned for us in the MO Kelly show can tell you, they're graduating projects, the thing that they walk away with is, before you're done, you are going to do my job. Yeah, to produce the show from top to bottom without any assistance from me. Because if you can't take my job, I have not showed

Jason Hardin  23:43  
you anything, man. I've learned to

Tawala Sharp  23:47  
do my job.

Jason Hardin  23:49  
You don't know something until you can teach it. That's what I've heard. However, you don't really know something until you can teach it and that's powerful right there. But yeah, man, do you think you created a culture? Like in your exposure? And in your, in your use of experience? Do you think you help elites in some way create a culture of being like you, in a way? Like, did you just help people get successful? I've been successful with a little bit too well, no, you know, it because I know you upgrade some bosses?

Tawala Sharp  24:17  
I think so. I think so to more than enough people that that that that I have touched more than enough people that I've worked with that, that I've been still, you know, just just that cultural of and that that knowledge of hard work of maintaining relationships, of being good to everyone to being a person of your work to if you say you're going to do something the next time I see you, you're telling me it's done type of hard work. And I know that because there are people who I'm still in contact with today, some 10 years later that still right now they're doing big things. And and and they're and they will reach out to me let's say man, do the lessons that you taught them He without to shape me and make me a shark in these waters, and helped me to learn how to swim and sleep with my eyes open and always go after it. Always make it happen. Always go further. When I hear that back, that is a blessing when I see people shine, when I see that there are there are brothers and sisters who who I've directly helped to get on who are blowing up massively in this radio space right now. And and for me one of one of the things that I say one things that most says all the time is your success is our success. If you are not successful after working with me, if you are not moving on to bigger and better things, I have failed, you failed you miserably, and I will not fail anyone. That's not not my goal in life. You must shy.

Jason Hardin  25:51  
Well, that's a powerful attitude.

Tawala Sharp  25:52  
Why are we the same circle?

Jason Hardin  25:54  

Tawala Sharp  25:55  
You're on my circle? You're shining. Yeah, I have a part of that rough. I'm there. Everything I do for someone I don't do ever looking for a thank you. Yeah, thanks, is you be successful, you want to be successful. You want to thank me when you get an opportunity to help someone else. You help them. Yeah, be there for the next person.

Jason Hardin  26:17  
I love that. You said sharks in the water. And that brings me to my next question. What was some of the challenges because I know it wasn't, it couldn't have been an easy boat, especially in that hectic, demanding physician, a being you know, that's Hollywood. And people don't know Hollywood is Radio and Radio is Hollywood. On another level. You don't I'm saying because that is the entire music industry. Like I said, it's full of gatekeepers. It's what makes artists what they are, which is why they have so much respect for what you guys do and who you are. So in that environment, that career, what was some of the challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Tawala Sharp  26:54  
The biggest challenge and I think for me, the biggest challenge overall that I ever ran into is people with egos, be it artists, or being you know, executives, you know, people who think that, that they're bigger than the seat that they sit in or they're bigger than the microphone they hold and it was some of the you know, when I was in music radio, it was always some of the younger artists some of the newer hip hop artists or newer you know, r&b artists who always come with the biggest attitude I need this I need that I did your thing every time you got someone old school coming in, you know getting on the veil or or uh you know, oh Jays level. It was like a young brother. We all good we cool you no need all that wish right? To me. There were people who I'm gonna tell you a quick story. No. Biggie Smalls when big came to LA recipes. I met big the weekend that he was murdered. Wow, the beat with a beat with literally a block away from where he was murdered at the Petersen auto Museum. The beat was right there along on Wilshire right near Fairfax. And he came into the studio and brah I was ready to hate. I was ready to be like,

Jason Hardin  28:17  
oh, yeah, you got caught up in the East Coast west coast. Yeah, yeah. So you were part of the gang bang bang.

Tawala Sharp  28:29  
I was ready to just the beat was ready? Yeah. Where swear to God, he was one of the most humble one of the nicest artists ever. Wow. It wasn't executed coming with any security. He didn't come in with an entourage a posse it was him mace and I saw him little sees and like one other person. Mm hmm. That was just that was just that I've may have given him a ride there. Cool as a fan

Jason Hardin  29:04  
and in the height of the beef obviously. Man that's crazy.

Tawala Sharp  29:09  
Height of the beat that's crazy right there it because he was so cool. It was disarming I don't even know what to do with

Jason Hardin  29:20  
all that way.

Tawala Sharp  29:23  
Took it right out of me

Jason Hardin  29:24  
man. Power Man. Hey

Tawala Sharp  29:27  
man, thanks for having me up here. I appreciate you guys even taking the time to speak to me and have me up if he was mad. He taught me a lesson right then about ego about being bigger than you are about thinking about yourself that you're higher than any everything about it just kind of summed it up for me and it made me think like, Wow, is this dude one of the biggest names in all of rap right now. One of the one of you know his name is notorious right now anywhere he goes. He came in on the humble on the low Just showing Mad Love, not because he needed anything. No, he was already big. Yeah, ready

Jason Hardin  30:06  
was pop was gone. So he was the biggest he was the biggest artist at the time, literally

Tawala Sharp  30:12  
and live at the time. And it kind of taught me like, Wow, man. You know what? Ego is nothing. Ego is absolutely nothing. Because when you walk into a building, and you know who you are, and you spread love, met the doors whenever you need ever,

Jason Hardin  30:33  
yeah, that is life changing

Tawala Sharp  30:38  
the love. And I said to myself, Man, that's it. And I was fortunate enough to come up into Israel at a time where there were a lot of real people. There were a lot of real people, people from the neighborhood who were in the industry, and I was able to connect with and build with, you know, but the struggle was those egos, those gatekeepers who no matter what did not want you to shine, wanted to hate want to take credit, wanted to try to sabotage all that stuff about the quote unquote, industry. It's real. It's real difficult people but to me, it all came to ego. And I was never able to have an ego. Because of the town coming from Dina. It's like, Yo, but we all know each other. A Separation Yeah, I know your cousin. You know, my brother. We know young. We're too we're too close not to know each other. Yeah, yeah. didn't allow you to have an ego and you're saying

Jason Hardin  31:31  
Elmo can only call you on a

Tawala Sharp  31:34  
job. He came out. We all showed love for Giambi because it was Deena Exactly. So so so for me, I was never able to have that ego. And I knew that these people they did not love me. They just love the fact that I was sitting in the seats that made the decisions. Were playing their music, yes or no. Because when I was gone, and I was calling these folks thinking like yo, mess all up a NASA they just let me go. Okay, cool. I was sorry to hear that man. But I gotta get back. Yeah, and I never got back. I was like, wow, you're gonna love. You gotta love for the chair. Yeah, for those who did have love and show me yo, T man. Don't even worry about this man. You'll be back better than ever. And every time I came back, I didn't come back with an ego though. I didn't come back like, man, if y'all

Jason Hardin  32:18  
for Hayton or didn't come with that chip on your shoulder, more love.

Tawala Sharp  32:22  
I came back with way more love. Because that's how I answered that type of madness. After that type of craziness was saying, You know what? I gotta show more love. This is God tested me saying man to Allah. You said you would show love. I'm gonna test you. They were hating on you. They stabbed you in the back. Are you gonna still show love? Yes, God is.

Jason Hardin  32:46  
You know what? I want to close it with this final question, man. What advice would you have for someone not necessarily going into the industry you you went into and into production and all that, but just whatever industry I choose, like, what are some of that common advice that you think that has made you successful? That you can give away that will make somebody else successful? And with ever direction? Because you got a lot of gems? And you gave a lot of them to the show? But it's the attitude? Is it the mindset? Is it the work ethic? Because there was so many but what is that one that you think you can give away? That is almost like the one to have.

Tawala Sharp  33:24  
I think of all the things that you mentioned, the the attitude, the passion, the fire, the the work ethic, all those things, I think humility is key. Humility is key and and checking your pride at the door, knowing that when you're walking into the door of someone else's business, it is their purview to ask of you. What they're going to ask these I like, if you walk into a radio station, if you walk into a bank, if you walk into, you know, hell a college campus as as someone in admin, yeah, humility goes a long way. Being being a person of your word, keeping your word is Oh, that's so important. Not say you're going to do something, then don't do it. No, be a person of your word. I say that, that, that you have to you have to have a passion for what you're doing. Don't do something because you want to check. Yes, a money will come money will come. But if you're if you are passionate about what you're doing, if you love what you're what you're doing, you will never work a day in your life.

Jason Hardin  34:37  
Absolutely no.

Tawala Sharp  34:39  
Money will go that that that that can't be the end all be all, you know, people with money. Uh, don't have to worry about the end. You know, it's all relative. All right, if you're a multi millionaire, you've just got multi millionaire problem. Exactly. It's all relative. Yeah, relative. It may cost me $30 to pay the gardener to do my yard work cost a multimillionaire. $3,000 to do his

Jason Hardin  35:05  
yard, man. Well, that's a perspective that you have

Tawala Sharp  35:09  
to but you have to you have to love what you do. And you will never ever, ever work a day in your life.

Jason Hardin  35:16  
Well, I appreciate that. And I'm gonna end it there because like I said, there was just so many gems there. And I love that because it's never just one thing. You know what I'm saying you name your list of list of advice, because it's not just one thing. You have to be well rounded, you have to have that base, you've got to be aware, you've got to work hard, you got to be humble, humble, you got to be giving you got to care you got you know what I'm saying? You got to pay attention to detail. So it's just I appreciate you brother so much. Because like I said, this has been an experience because you gave way more game than I could ever have hoped for out this 30 minutes with you. And I appreciate every moment but lab man,

Tawala Sharp  35:52  
I'm glad man, it is truly an honor to to for you to welcome me on your show. I mean, I appreciate that love man I appreciate you give me an opportunity to just you know share with your listeners and and I really truly hope that you know that that someone has gained something from this man, I applaud you for what you're doing. I applaud you know for for starting this platform for sharing the game because there aren't a lot of brothers like you, man, you know a lot. Jason, you know a lot. And for you to take this time out of your day out of your life, to build this platform to help uplift and help reach back over the wall and bring other people up, man, look at that. That's a testament to your greatness. And I wish you nothing but success. Man, I really love what you're doing, brother. Well, thank

Jason Hardin  36:42  
you both because, like you said, this is just my way of thanking you for being who you are. And of doing the same thing because that's what we do. You don't understand because we we try to replicate everything we do, right? You know, eliminate everything we do wrong with us in our generation with ourselves. But everything we do, right, I'm trying to give away and hopefully replicate because like I said, Whatever we do, and however we can help somebody get to that next level, and then got to look back, you know what I'm saying? Like you said their success is our success. They never got to thank us or look back but man just getting there and getting them there is is joy to me. You know, I'm saying that brings me pleasure, that brings me some satisfaction. You know, and like you say money is a byproduct of all that stuff. You know, money is it comes from what we do well, what we do consistently and what we do, right? So yeah, once again, man, thank you so much. It's been incredible speaking with you, and I'm glad to have touch bases back with you in this way on this platform man. I appreciate that. Thank you so

Tawala Sharp  37:43  
you're more than welcome sir.

Jason Hardin  37:44  
All right, I'm gonna let you go and I'm gonna close the show. All right, everybody that was to Walshaw it man. He is an amazing individual man get at him on Twitter. His name is at to Walla T A wa la and Twitter is like the gatekeeper of all information. So man, if you can tweet him, you can connect with him any other way so a man shout out to moe Kelly and everything that they do and the team down there K five man, man nothing below for me because like I said, they they show love. And that's what we got to reciprocate. Man. We got to show love to everybody else. Just to keep it going, man, love conquers all. Alright, man, I love y'all. And remember, success is a lifestyle. Peace.