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What Are You Compaining About

April 07, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 26
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
What Are You Compaining About
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In this episode, Hardin asks, "What the F#@% are you complaining about?".

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Hello, and welcome to another wonderful episode of Life of a boss the podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I am excited and extremely happy to be here. This is the show all about helping our audience create and live their own definition of success through positive thinking, perseverance and personal development. And that being said, what are you complaining about? Seriously, that is what my shows about today. What are you complaining about? What are your complaints? Now if you're listening to this bite down wherever you're listening to this app in the comment section. If it's opposed to Pitzer, if it's a review, whatever it is, man, comment or leave me some complaints. What are you complaining about? Because I want to answer some of them. You know, Shane, ah, I'm gonna give y'all some answers. So, so, man, you better watch what you complained about, cuz I got some smartass answers. And basically, I want to bring this up. Because I don't know about you. But I experienced a lot of incidents where people close to me, and a lot of those incidents, stemmed from complaints, whether they complain about not making enough money, they complain about not having enough time they complain about maybe their significant other, not not performing like they should, whatever it is, they have a lot of complaints. A lot of people I know. And I just want to address all of you complainers. And I want to ask, what are you doing? About anything you're complaining about? Seriously, what are you doing? And that's a real question. I'm not trying to be smart with you. I'm just saying that for every complaint you have. What? What action Have you taken to rid your life of that complaint? You know, some people complain about Mondays and, and they hate Mondays coming back around, but I never see them taking any action on any other day of the week, to prevent them from having a Monday, like all the Mondays I hate, whether that'd be having to go back to school, having to go back to work having a whatever it's like, I want to see what they're doing about what they're complaining about. So what are you doing about what you're complaining about? Because, um, from my standpoint, from my personal experience, I rarely complaint not to say I don't talk shit, because I talk a lot of shit. You know what I'm saying? I will be the first to talk about some shit. That ain't right. You know, saying I will be the first to point some shit out. You don't I'm saying but, but that's not really complaining. complaining, to me. Is, is having negative comments, or wanting to something to change that's affecting my life. You don't say we usually complain about things that did or so called affecting our lives. You know, we usually don't complain about things that have nothing to do with us. You don't I'm saying some people do and they just have a real problem. But uh, most of us usually complain about you know, not having enough money maybe not, not not being as healthy as we wanted. Maybe not having the relationships that we wanted, maybe not having the family members of relationships that we wanted, you know what I'm saying? Like, we all have a lot to complain about usually and those things are usually something that affect us so so when I'm when I'm talking shit about something, it's usually something that don't affect me because a lot of things that other people do never affect me. And I think that's one reason why I don't complain as much. I don't put my success or failure in someone else's hands. So that brings me to my first tip on how to complain less. And my first tip is do not play show success or failure in someone else's hands. You know, because if you do that, like it's like giving somebody else your money to bet and then getting mad if they lost money. You don't say that? They bet on black and Ella hit red you mad? No, you gave them your money to bet. You said so so so don't get mad at the result. If you gave it to somebody else in the first place. If you give somebody the right to make you happy, and they don't make you happy. Don't get mad at that person. You should never gave them that right in the first place. That's your right. It's your life. You shouldn't give any piece of your life to somebody else that you would complain about. If it's important to you, you take care of it. You do it you handle it What else do complain about people complain about

Jason Hardin  5:02  
the laws in this society the way City Hall is maybe maybe the way the President is maybe maybe tax is maybe the new ordinance in your city. What are you doing about it? Some people don't even vote. Some people complain and complain and complain and won't even cast a ballot won't even say hey, I want that tree there. Count me as one person that wants that tree won't even vote. And I'm not I'm not wanting to tie people to say if you don't vote don't complain. No, cuz there's a bunch of things you can do other than vote. There's a lot of people that can vote that are doing some real great work in making some real great changes in our society and in our laws and in the way we we please and interact and you know, all kinds of things that create inclusion and and opportunities for everybody. So there's a lot of people they do great work who can't vote. What are you doing? Besides complaining? People complain about gas prices? What are you doing? Me for one, I'm making more money. Gas is going up. So what am I doing? I can't complain. Complaining won't do a job that gets paid back down. Unless I complain to tissue of a certain suddenly oil prices, and I got to do that to politics. So either way, I got to do something. I got to get on finance and get involved somehow. What are you doing? So that brings me back to that point all the time. What are you doing about the shit you're complaining about? What are you doing? I have a man if anybody wants to bring me a problem, man, I also ask him like, what's the solution? I'm not just gonna ask him what's the problem? I'm also asked him like, cuz I might have a solution to the shit. But I want to ask what their solution is. Because nine times out of 10 this solution is good enough. All this shit spills, man, what do you what would you do about it? Man, I clean it up, then go clean, then go clean shit up. You know what I'm saying? It's not hard. People usually know what to do. They just don't do it. And that's what brings me back to what are you complaining about? You usually know what to do about the shit you're complaining about. But most likely you're not doing it. What is it you're not doing? That can alleviate some some complaints? That if you did them you isn't letting someone go from your life? Are you complaining about the person day in day out? But you're still friends with them? You're still hanging out with them? You're still spending time with them? Are you complaining about how your spouse don't never come home? They'll never care about you. They'll never teach you right, but you're still loving that person. You're still with that person every day. You're still trying to build a life but what are you doing? To feed into your own complaints? Because most likely we play a major role in the ship we complain about it sometimes that role is just ignorance. We didn't know what role we played in it. But as soon as we become aware we we rid ourselves from that situation. And that's what I want everybody else to do. Look at the things you're complaining about. Identify your role in that situation and see if you can rid yourself of that situation. Therefore willing yo that complaint from your life. Anyway, I don't have much time but that's what I wanted to just get off my chest today. I really want to know what the fuck are you complaining about? And why aren't you doing something about it? Alright, anyway, I love y'all man. Check us out every Monday every Thursday a new episode. Everywhere podcasts are found, man check out our website life of a Check out our gear. Check out maiden Deena calm because they pay the bills. Check out everything we do, man. And remember check on yourself. You don't obtain never neglect yourself. And remember another thing successes and lifestyle. Peace