LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast

Part II of Love Wisely

April 21, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 29
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Part II of Love Wisely
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In this special episode, Hardin continues to speaks on the concept of choosing to love wisely.

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Jason Hardin  0:01  
Yo, yo yo, welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And today is a great day because it is April 21. And you all should know what that is. It is my birthday, y'all. And today's a very special day because it's not just my birthday. It is my wedding day. So as you guys listen to this, I will be preparing to tie the knot today in Las Vegas, California at the neon chapel. So we will be having a great genuine honest to goodness Vegas wedding. All the friends and family that are close to us are out here. And it's a very amazing experience. I will be marrying my co host and CO producer where she's not really a co host. She's She co hosts some of the time. You know, we do our take aways. She's that person that go back and forth with as we do takeaways after interviews, most of them but but yeah, she is the CO producer of my show. And she is the CO producer of my life right now. Uh, her name is Susie today she will be choosy with Hardin. You know, and today I will be Mr. Jason Hardin. You know, I guess I've been Mr. Jason Hardin. But you know, I never really felt it now. It's like Mr. That Mr. has a title before it was just a label. I guess now it's a title. But anyway, I say that to say all this. And that's choose. And love wisely. Choose wisely and love wisely. And that's basically what I wanted to say today. Um, you know, I know there's a lot of married couples out there. And I know there's a lot of unhappily married couples out there. And I want to wish y'all some guidance, you know, I want to wish y'all some light. I want to wish y'all some some joy, whether you find it in each other eventually or find it separately. But I do believe that whoever you choose to be with is your business partner. You know, I know that not everybody's an entrepreneur, not everybody has a family business. Not everybody wants to start a business, but every couple in every family, whether they like it or not, whether they acknowledge it or not, is a business, you and your significant other are a business, whether you act like it, whether you think like it, whether you want to acknowledge it, you guys are a business. Now, either you guys are thriving business, or a business that's tanking. You know what I'm saying? So, so you're either one or the other, regardless of what you think you're either a business that's getting it, that is thriving, that's making it that's going to succeed, or your business bound to fail. You know what I'm saying? And, and, and I want to say that because a lot of us think that, Oh, we're in a relationship. We're just, we're just two people in love. No, no, you're not just two people in love. Especially if you get married now if you get married now, if you got a relationship, just boyfriend and girlfriend and you guys are like a side hustle. You guys are like a side hustle. You don't I'm saying but as soon as you get married, you become a legitimate incorporation incorporated DBA business. You know what I'm saying? You become an LLC, whatever you want to call it, you became

Jason Hardin  3:36  
a business an entity by law. There has some some characteristics and rights, some restrict whatever it is, you are a business. You don't I'm saying? Like I said, if you just boyfriend and girlfriend, you guys are side hustle. But if you guys get married, you are a business. And why do I say that? Because, first of all, you're with the person you're supposed to succeed with y'all and just walking through life aimlessly, you are supposed to succeed with the person you're with. Now what is success, whatever your definition of success is, you know, whether that be a monetary success, whether that be career success, whether that be family success, whether that'd be business success, whether that be experience success, whatever it success is to you. The person you're with is your business partner, the person you're with is the person that your teammate, you know what I'm saying? So, so if you guys don't look at each other, like a like, teammate, you guys have a very bad business. You don't understand if you guys can't work together. As teammates, you guys are bad business. And as teammates, you guys are supposed to be going to put the championship you guys aren't just just playing to play the game. You guys want a championship? You don't I'm saying and that championship is once again whatever you see your definition is so I'm not saying that you guys have to Have money habits, family habits, successful family and you know that no have a have a house with the picket fences? No, that's not successful buddy. Sometimes people because success can be, we're getting an RV, and we're just traveling. We're just hitting the roads for the rest of our lives in an RV. And I've seen it, I've seen whole families live in an RV, and that was their life. That was their definition of success. It might not be the kid definition. But when they got old enough to find out what they wanted out of life, they can go pursue that. But you see what I'm saying. So there's not one goal for everybody. But whatever your goal is, the person that you choose in your life is your teammate to help you achieve that goal. And it's supposed to work with you, just as you are supposed to work with them to achieve their goal. You know what I'm saying. So, in your goal isn't worth more than theirs, even if it is by definition, by monetary definition, if your goal is to make 100,000 a year, and their goal is to paint, you don't I'm saying just because your goal is worth more money doesn't mean your goal is necessarily worth more, you have to value what your partner wants out of life. You have to go in to this business agreement, this arrangement with this understanding. I don't care what my woman wants in life, if she wants it, it's a part of our lives. Regardless what I think what girl is up, I think she can have a better goal, she can have a worse goal, she can have a different, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. What she wants is what she wants. And that's her goal. Now, if I wasn't compatible, what she wants, if I didn't approve of what you want, if she wanted destruction, and I wanted to build, then I wouldn't choose to be with her. If she wanted something that was totally against what I want, then I wouldn't choose to be with her. You see what I'm saying? So we got to make these choices. We got to be aware, first of all of these choices when we get with somebody and we got to make these choices, you know, with that awareness. Don't say Oh, well, this is cute. I hate what she does. I don't like what she talks about. I can't stand with where she's going in life. But she finds that shit don't work. Looks don't pay no bills, looks don't looks don't create the life that you see for yourself, you know what I'm saying? And if it does, that's okay. But like I said, What I heard was, you don't say gotta be some compatibility here. So of her being cute is good enough for you. You know, that's one thing but but what is her goal? And she's cute and she got hold different goals and, and just not compatible any other way with you, then then that's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. So it's okay to look for someone who you're attracted to. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be with somebody that you are attracted to. Because you want to stay with that person. You want to stay in love with that person. You can't be in a long relationship with somebody you're not attracted to, you got to attraction has to be deeper than the surface. Because that person you're looking at is gonna get oh, that skin isn't gonna be as taut and is tight. In the smooth. You don't say that answers isn't gonna sit as high. I'm kidding isn't gonna sit as high, you know what I'm saying? I'm thinking he's gonna drop the skin's gonna wrinkle hairs gonna Gray, you know what I'm saying? So it's not the person you're looking at.

Jason Hardin  8:35  
It's the poker, it's the person you're looking through and you're looking at a you know, it's all of that person that you're with, you don't understand that entire person, that totality of that individual. You don't understand. So you got to be compatible with every part of that person. And I know it sounds hard. And it's not supposed to be easy. Because we're all individuals, we're all different types of people. We all have different wants need loves, you know what I'm saying? So, so it's, it's almost like you are a certain shape. And you're looking for that opposite shape to fit into, you know what I'm saying? You look at it's like a zippers either I'm saying how zippers like they combined and they combine the strong bond when they're together. Because they because they're cuz they complement each other. You know what I'm saying? One has has has something the other doesn't? You know what I'm saying? If you look at the zipper every time one teeth comes out, the other one goes in so you don't have sandy they fit to where they interlock and that's how we work as people we enter locked in. If we can't interlock with each other, then we can't be together. If there's effort constantly from one person and not the other, we can't be together. Upon love you more than you love me we can't be together. If you love me more than I love you we can't be together you know what I'm saying? I know I'm going in a bunch of different directions but I'm saying all this so people can make conscious decisions on who they choose to spend their time with, and their life with. If you only see that person just for one thing, or just for a temporary period of your life or just as a temporary person then then that's not someone to be doing life time shit with if you see a woman as a temporary woman Don't be doing lifetime shit with her Don't be fucking her and having no babies you know, fucking law and having babies with no protection or whatever, and doing lifelong shit with somebody you can't see past this weekend. Don't have babies by weekend pissy and just let same thing when you ladies don't have babies by some some one. Time debt you don't understand if you don't think this nigga is forever material. Don't fuck him. I can't stand when I see more baby pictures than wedding pictures on Facebook and social media. Yeah, go you know show me three rounds of children's pictures. You didn't show me three pregnant bellies. You ain't show me a wedding when one time you showed me a picture of you moved up with any one dude, not one time. But you got three different baby pictures by three different dudes I'm pretty sure because I actually no one dude in any restricted but that's what I'm talking about. Like, man, quit making forever decisions with temporary people. It's not gonna last you know what I'm saying? A ignoring department gonna fix the shit. Not talking about problems. Don't fix it. You don't I'm saying ignoring it. And bottling up emotions and don't fix nothing. So don't be with somebody you got to do that with. Be with somebody who let you be all of you, and be with somebody that you let be all of them. You know what I'm saying you don't put caps on each other, don't put limitations on each other. And if you guys can still be together without those limitations, and can be together freely. That's what it's about.

Jason Hardin  12:28  
It's about helping helping each other it's about teamwork is about being a goal oriented. It's about understanding that whether or not you're an entrepreneur, you and your significant other or a business. Are you a thriving business, or you are failing business? And that's all I wanted to say today on that anyway, man, I love y'all, man. Choose wisely. Love wisely and be yourself. If you gotta hold back who you are for the person you're with and you need to reassess the person you're with in that relationship. Anyway man I love y'all man. Have fun today man. celebrate my birthday today celebrate my wedding today my wedding day to day and if you guys have a wedding present for us, man shoot it to us. You don't say man send it to the studio man send us an email all your well wishes all your happiness all your congratulations all your happy birthdays man I love I appreciate and I thank you all of you for everything positive in loving that you've given me whether it be some kind words whether it be your business, whether it be a donation, whether it be a any type of support, man, I love it all man, I appreciate it all. And I'm trying to give it all back man, whatever I get, man, I try to give back tenfold man, to someone who needs it, man. That's what we mentor. That's what we help. That's where we sponsor that's where we volunteer. That's how we open a space up to people trying to do stuff, man. We just want to help. We want to be of service man. And as soon as I started living life trying to be of service man, that's what made everything great. That's when I started appreciating everything that I have. You know what I'm saying? So it's all about appreciation. It's all about love, man. Love will conquer ball, but you got to love right? You got to love wisely. All right. Anyway, man. I love y'all. And remember to check in every Monday and every Tuesday. I mean some solid every Monday and every Thursday for new episode of Life of pasta podcast. Until then, remember success is a lifestyle peace.