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Create A Dream Environment

April 25, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 30
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Create A Dream Environment
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In this special episode, Hardin shares his views on "Dream Boards" and why they can be ineffective in our journey towards personal success.

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Jason Hardin  0:01  
Yo, yo, yo, and welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a Boston podcast. My name is Jason Hardin and I am absolutely excited to be here. I want to give a special a very, very special shout out to my brand new wife, Miss Sousou Horton, excuse me, Mrs. Suzu. Harden. Hi, baby. I love it. Anyway, I just had to say that because we just got married in one to commemorate this episode, as well as the last one, of course, because y'all heard the last one. But yeah, anyway, man. I bring all that up. Because, you know, I think I'm living in dream. Literally, I think I'm living a dream, everything I've ever wanted to do. I've done. I've never expected to experience the things I've experienced, I've never expected to be as happy as I've been. You know, I've been to a lot. I've been to a lot of pain and heartache. And being resilient has paid off more than anything. And and I think I have to say that I owe it all. All these dreams coming true, you know, manifesting the office manifesting our relationships with the people that we have, in our network, manifesting the business relationships and the money we make manifesting this marriage and this beautiful relationship. I think it all came, you know, manifesting this dream. I'm gonna tell you where it came from. And it didn't come from a dream board. It came from creating a dream environment. And that's what I want to talk about today creating a dream environment. I was listening to this brother named Justin Owens. And I appreciate him because I already live this, you know, but I've never heard it spoken articulated the way that this brother says. And he talks about creating a dream environment, and why dream boards don't work. And I'm gonna explain everything because what is the dream environment. But matter of fact, let's back up what is a dream board. And he was explaining why dream boards don't work. And basically, a dream board is a piece of cardboard, plywood, poster board paper with stuff on the magazine, cut out everything that you like from a magazine, you cut it out, and you put it and you glue it to this dream board. And idea is that when you look at this dream board every day, it's supposed to help you envision your goals and what you want in life, thus helping you attain them. And it in theory, it's a great concept, you know, but in all actuality, it it doesn't work as much as we'd like to think and why? Because let's just be honest, a lot of dream boards are ugly. You know, I'm just keeping it real. A lot of dream boards are ugly, they're collages on plywood. I mean, it's not artistic, it's not pretty. You know, they're not, they're not cool to look at. So So most people would dream boards. I mean, they know that, you know, they love these things. So they all look at him, I say put them away, I mean, you don't want to hang it up, you know, something that looks like that you're, you know, elementary school kid did and and you really don't want to hang it up because you can't fit it in on where it's on a big play with so so you really don't watch and you don't look at it anymore. And I think that's the point it doesn't really reiterate the dreams that you want to that you want to pursue. So he says to create a dream environment and what is the dream environment basically everything you want out of life don't don't cut it out of a magazine and paste it on a board basically put it in your life put it in your life if you want if you want success be around success if you want your business to flourish be around businesses flushing you know what I'm saying? Nothing. I'm just to give you an example. Like me, I was dead broke, dead broke last didn't know what to do. You know, I mean, I had a business or whatnot. But But in regards to to purposely creating a dream environment, I did a lot to do that. I ran for office that put me around politicians and millionaires and property owners and landlords. You know what I'm saying? I volunteered for school that put me a morale around school board people, principals, teachers, students, you know, what else? I went all in on my business, you know, that put me around customers and clients and people that want to do business. You know, I play golf. So that puts me around successful people that play golf.

Jason Hardin  5:01  
You know what I'm saying this is my environment, you know, I wanted to get into the Hollywood world so I was on red carpets with the celebrities, as soon as I said I wanted to be a media entity. So what I'm saying is I don't waste time with dream boards, I create a dream environment I submerse myself in whatever success looks like to me, whenever I'm looking up, I see a version of what I want to be I see examples of what I want to do. I'm inspired I'm intrigued I'm uplifted because I have people around me that want to show me shit. You know what I'm saying? I think that's the only way that I've created to create created this life that I have created for myself is by not creating a dream boy but really creating a dream environment. Some immersing myself in the life I want to live by choosing to put myself in these places these places of success you know if you want to if you want a beautiful home and don't don't get to cut and stuff out man drives in a beautiful neighborhood go through walk throughs when when these places become presale, go to open houses. You know if you want a beautiful car, man, don't don't cut no magazine man, go test drive one of these beautiful cars, test drive a Bentley test drive a Lambo and do what you got to do to be able to test drive one. You know what I'm saying? Like I say create the in the environment that you want for yourself, and you can create that shit broke. You know what I'm saying you can hang around better people and have a better circle of influence and, and have better activities and have, you know, I'm saying basically things that will enhance who you are. In your life, you know, you can have better activities going for yourself. And that's what I'm saying make those decisions and, and do boss shit all the time. create that environment. Stay in the middle of success, they stay in the middle of where the shit goes down. Make cash it come to you be in a position yourself to where all that comes to you. But basically, the whole point is to create a dream environment. No more dream boards. No more dream boards. We're only creating dream environments right now. Design your life the way you think it should be. Create your environment from scratch if need be. You know what I'm saying? With it, I'd be doing something different with it. I'd be volunteering, whether that be you know what I'm saying? Interning, whether that be choosing a mentor, whether that be hanging out in the obvious places. You know, I'm all for that. Like I said, if you know what's going down, and I know nothing more will be in there. Anyway, man, that's all I wanted to say today because I want to reiterate that it's so important to create a dream environment and not just dream boy, I gotta go. But I love y'all. I want y'all to keep understanding that success is a lifestyle. It's in the decisions we make every single day. All right. Anyway, I love y'all peace.