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Visualization Is Key

May 12, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 35
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Visualization Is Key
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In this episode, Hardin emphasizes the power and magnitude of regularly visualizing your ideal life & future in detail.

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Jason Hardin  0:03  
Hello, and welcome, everybody to another wonderful episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I am extremely happy, grateful, excited in all that good stuff to be here. And today, the very special episode because they're all special, you know, I was gonna say that anyway, no matter what I was talking about today. But today, I wanted to talk about something that I've been doing. Since I could remember, and I was doing it, before I knew that it was valuable to do it. You know, it's the reason why I've done the things I've done. I've had the experiences I've had, I've gotten to where I am now in life and still headed, where I'm going. And I'm gonna tell you that thing is called visualization. You know, I want you to just understand how powerful visualizing and fantasizing the life you want for yourself is. Seriously, man, I mean, I thought I was a dreamer, man, I thought that, that what I was doing had no value whatsoever, it was just entertaining to me, you know, I would just think about the future and how I wanted to live, how I wanted to dress how I wanted people to address me how I wanted to be respected, I wanted to be seen in my neighborhood, and by my friends and family, you know, but I didn't know how, you know, and of all the things I could visualize how I would attain all that I just couldn't see. But But But I worked my way backwards, you know what I'm saying, I saw the end result of what I wanted the end result of how I wanted to live, how I wonder, design and conduct each day, the freedom I had the flexibility of the clothes, you know, I'm saying I saw all of this, but I didn't know how I would do it. So it's incredible to wake up and see that I live the way that I have visualized and then also get to experience all the things that I've done to make this happen. You know, the businesses the mentorship, the the, the the media outlets that I've created, the the brands that I've created, everything has gotten me in position to be somewhere else that I want it to be. It's like I've visualized all of this. You know what I'm saying and like I'm not doing nothing new to me even though all this is new. And I say that to say this, that visualizing and fantasizing the life you want to create for yourself is extremely powerful. If you can see it, you can make it happen if you can describe it down to a tee down to the color down to the smell down to how you act and how you feel every day if you know how you want to feel years from now you can make it happen. So I want to encourage you and and and invite you to really engage in in visualization and fantasizing every single day. I don't care if you got a plan a time for it. I don't care if you just have to make time for it. I don't care if you just do it randomly while you're at work and or in between classes or whatever you have to do. But I want you to visualize exactly what you want to fly and not the degree or the job but how you actually want to live every day. Visualize the end result of everything you've ever wanted to accomplish. How do you want to live after you have accomplished it? How do you want to live after you've accumulated the money you you wanted to make? Bought the material things you want to buy own the home you wanted to home? Own? Drive the car you want to drive after all this How would you live your days? How would you conduct yourself how would you conduct business? What would you do with your time? Literally what is the end result? What does retirement look like to you? Are you playing golf every day? Are you still on the board of a of a organization or business? A company What are you doing Are you totally traveling all the time? Are you on the beach sipping mai Tai's What's your laptop? What's your newspaper? What does retirement look like to you what needs you not having to work not having a struggle not having to

Jason Hardin  4:55  
to, to to survive In a manner of just survival and you know what, what does living look like to you? Not survival. What does living look like to you? Think about this constantly because I thought about it constantly. I didn't make time for this is that was going up from a child. To to today I have fantasized about the things I wanted. I have, I have visualized exactly how I wanted things to go and know exactly how I wanted them to end up. Even if I didn't know how it was gonna go, I knew exactly how I wanted to end up. I knew exactly how I wanted people to treat me. I knew exactly how I wanted to be respected. I knew exactly how I wanted to dress how I wanted to look how I wanted to feel how I wanted to think I knew exactly how I wanted to see shit. And you know what I'm saying I'm aware. And I'm as woke as I want to be, you don't have time, I'm conscious as I want to be in. And I still want to be more of that. And I still visualize myself as being better than I am today. But that's what I'm talking about. It all comes down to visualization. Can you see this? Can you literally see in your mind's eye the life you want for yourself? Can you just as easy as you can see everything going bad because I never saw everything going bad and wrong. You know, I was prepared for the worst, but I never saw the worst happening. You know, I'm prepared for it. I can expect it. But I don't. I don't. That's not the best part of the video I play in my head. I don't visualize about shit going all the way wrong. I don't. I don't spend my time. dwelling on the worst case scenario I literally thinking about the I know the worst case scenario. And I predicted the watch case scenario several times throughout my life. But that's not what I go around picturing in my head. I understand it, I know it exists, I can prepare for it. And then I'm still thinking about how things are gonna go right. I'm still thinking about the best case scenario, I spend my time that's what I enjoy visualizing. You know, I spend as much time as I need to on the negative and then I let it go and just play out. But but the positive man, I spend my leisure time there. I spend my downtime, thinking what I want to do when I'm up, you see what I'm saying? Like, that's how I live. And that's how important visualization is. Because everything I've ever thought about the things that have actually manifested, puts that to shame, the things I've actually done in real life. I met way better than I could have written that. You know, look, say the celebrity golf tournament I played in, you know, the backstage passes, the All Access passes, that the front row seats to things I've been invited. It's like, these experiences are all what I used to fantasize on steroids. Hanging out with the people I watch on TV. You know, like, having these memories as memories, there's, like, I'm not even visualizing this shit. No more. These are memories. Now. I'm memorizing the shit I used to visualize. I loved the memories of the shit I visualized, you know, I relive those moments. And that's incredible. And that's how powerful visualization is. Because when you can visualize something when it actually happens, it's way better. Because you're in the moment you're experiencing it you can create as you go along. You can make that moment what you really want. But it all starts in your mind. It all starts with what you can really see and describe and imagined and create. And that's why creating is so important because we do it all on time we do it by live. You might not be able to cook but you can create a recipe for a great life. And that's what I want you to understand. You have to be able to see yourself. Alright, anyway, man, I'm gonna get out of here. That's my time. I love y'all and I hope that y'all can see that. You feel me? Anyway man. Success is a lifestyle man. Check us out every Monday, every Thursday of every week, man life of a boss. The podcast is on every platform you can listen to podcasts on and and we're just gonna keep delivering all the time, man. I love y'all peace.