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Physical vs. Mental Laziness. Which Is Worse?

May 16, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 36
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Physical vs. Mental Laziness. Which Is Worse?
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In this episode, Hardin speaks on Physical vs. Mental laziness and which one is worse.

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
What's up everybody and welcome to another great episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Horton and I'm extremely excited to be here. It's the first time I've been live since I've been married. It's the first time we're on Facebook. Live since we've been married. And for those that don't know, I just married my beautiful fiancee Suzu. And she is now Susan Hardin. Hello, baby. I love you so much. Hello, my queen. You're so adorable. And I can just put you listening to me and you're so adorable. Anyway, man. I'm excited to be here. And I'm happy to be here, man. Hello, everybody out there in Facebook land. Man, what are your goals? What are your dreams? What are your plans for next week? And not just that, because that's not what I'm here doing today? My show today is about one question. One question. And the title of it is physical laziness versus mental laziness. Which is worse. Now I want you all to chime in. If you guys are listening live chime in man right now, man, which is worse? Physical laziness, or mental laziness? Because I got my answer, I'm gonna give you my answer. And 5432 The answer to me is mental laziness. mental laziness is way worse than physical laziness. Why? I'm gonna tell you, you guys knew it was gonna tell you, right? But I'm gonna tell you when you're physically lazy. You don't want to do something, you don't want to physically do something, you know. But when you're mentally lazy, that means you don't even want to figure out how to get it done. You see what I'm saying? So you can circumvent physical laziness. By figuring out how to get things done, you know what I'm saying? You You can be very productive and be physically lazy. Seriously, you can be a boss, you can be a millionaire, you can be a billionaire. You can be you can look like your hard work and and still be physically lazy. Why? Because you figured out how to get it done. You weren't mentally lazy. You put in the mental effort that it takes to design solutions. You don't I'm saying to create solutions to figure things out. And, and that's very important. Whether you're physically lazy or not, you don't want to ever be mentally lazy. Why? Because you will never figure it out. You will never figure this shit out. And I'm saying this because I know people that are mentally lazy, and put in and putting in more work than just being physically lazy. Like they don't want to do something. But they're mentally lazy. So they put in more work, more physical work, trying not to do something than just getting it done. And that's why and that's only because they're mentally lazy. They didn't take it out. They didn't want to take the time to ponder. I got this one gentleman, he's a neighbor. And we play chess. I suggest everyone learn to play chess, I suggest everyone pick up the playing chess, take chess classes, man, go go to chess clubs, whatever it is, man, because chess teaches you how to thing. It thinks it teaches you how to position yourself and teach you how to how to move in a certain way. And I have a neighbor. After a few games of kicking his ass, he'll quit. He'll quit. He says man, you're making my head hot man. You're making my brain like, like he acts like his brain is about to explode. Never. Never, I'm not gonna say never. But limit your time with people who act like their brains are going to explode if they got to figure some shit out. But anyway, my labor is quick to give up after a few games of getting to dice for me. On the other hand, let's say I'm getting my ass kicked. I will not give up until I win the game. And you know why? Because it's all mental. Like I'm not physically having to go round with you trying to fight you to win. You don't have to say I can meant like so I put the pressure on myself like man, you couldn't mentally beat this person. You can mentally think about how to win or at least how not to lose. And in that's my attitude towards everything I do in life. I am bound to figure this shit out. Whether it be how to get money, whether it be how to stay healthy, whether it be had owner, own homes, on property or own businesses, whatever it is a life that I want to do. I'm going to figure it out playing golf. Oh

Jason Hardin  4:45  
my god, that shit was some shit to figure out. And I haven't figured it all the way out yet. But I'm not quitting because I'm not mentally lazy man. mental laziness shows way more than physical laziness. So when it comes down to which one's worse, mental laziness is always worse. Like I said, I, I know people that are mentally lazy and put in more physical work than then than ever. Just because they mentally lazy because they can't figure it out. They can't figure out a better way to do something they can't figure out a faster way to do something they can't figure out another way to do something. And you don't ever want to be there. Especially if you're trying to be a boss. Anyway, man, I'm gonna let y'all go that's my time and I just want to lead that message with you because man it's important not to be mentally lazy. Do your mental push ups because some shit out do so some brain teasers man play Sudoku something man, keep that brain working. It's like a muscle man. If you get stronger, it's gonna get stuck. If you exercise it, it's gonna get stronger. But if you don't do shit with it, it's gonna deteriorate and become nothing and useless and and just like any other method of just develop atrophy. And what is that to be atrophy is the lack of of strength that come from not using a muscle? The muscle just just damn near dies man and some people out there just straight brain dead because they don't want to use their brain. They're mentally lazy. Never be mentally lazy. I mean, I hope I emphasize that shit enough. Anyway, man, I love y'all, man. That's my show for the day, man. Remember the success is indeed in lifestyle. It's indeed in every decision you make all the time. 24/7 for the rest of your life. I love y'all peace.