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Must Have Habits For Entrepreneurs

May 23, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 38
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Must Have Habits For Entrepreneurs
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In this episode, Hardin touches on the most important habits an entrepreneur must possess to be successful.

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Jason Hardin  0:03  
What's up everybody? My name is Jason Hardin. And I am absolutely grateful to be here. And to be honest, we get a lot of questions via email via text via inbox on Instagram and Facebook and, and I do my best my absolute best to get back to all of them directly. But these basically I grabbed a handful of them that that I think a lot of people could benefit from the answer, you know, so So I grabbed a handful of them. And I actually want to do an episode on on, on some of the questions because I think like I said, a lot of people can benefit from the answer. So recently, we have a question from Angela. Angela asks, what are the habits successful entrepreneurs must cultivate? I'm gonna repeat that she asked what are some habits successful entrepreneurs must cultivate? And I think that's great question because off the back, I can tell him you got to create winning routines. You got to create winning routines. And y'all know what a routine is routine is something you can do without thinking, you know, routine is on mute, you go into a and it has a an end result. You don't I'm saying there's something that that a routine actually contributes to actually accomplishes and, and that's what we want to do. We want to create winning routine, something that we can do every day, or regularly every week, every month, but but really starting with every day, things that we can do every day that move our business forward. And not just our business, but our health, our mental and physical health, we cannot neglect those if we neglect our mental and physical health, our business will go to shit. So always, always consider your mental and physical health and always add improving those into your routine. So what I mean by creating a winning routine, I create a winning morning routine. You know what I'm saying? Like, every morning, I get up early, I stretch and I drink water. Because I'm dehydrated, you know, I went hours without water. You know what I'm saying? So I'm usually thirsty. So it's just beneficial to drink water. You know, I think the most beneficial water to drink is like room temperature and lemon squeezy. And all that I might not have all that. But I do my best to drink water every morning I stretch. And then the first thing I do is something poly I hate. You know, after I wash up or whatever, I hit the gym. I try to hit the gym in the morning, if I don't hit the gym in the morning, I hit the gym in the evening. And the only reason why I don't hit the gym is I have something else I don't like doing that I hate more than working out. And only shot hate more more than I hate working out only because I hate going I really hate going like once I'm there. I love being there. And I feel great afterwards every time but I just hate like sometimes I just drag myself to the gym. But like I said it's not about what I want. It's about results. You know what I'm saying? So that is my definition of creating a winning routine. I go to the gym not because I feel like it not because someone wants to do but I just have it in my routine, in the benefit of just having it in my routine is that I don't have to think about it. I do the shit when the class starts because I actually force myself to take classes my girl got me to take the classes with her like like body pump and body combat and camp 24 And, and all that stuff 24 Hour Fitness as I'm putting them out there. You don't I'm saying them a good got me taking class. And, and actually enjoyed the classes not because I actually enjoyed working out the hard routines they're doing and how tired they make you but I enjoyed that I didn't have to think about working out I can go in there and just let them tell me what to do. And I know I'm gonna be tired, I'm not I'm gonna break a sweat and I'm gonna burn so many calories in and I'm gonna get fatter. So I included that in my routines. You know what I'm saying? I made that part of what I just do, whether I want to or not. And that's what we have to do with entrepreneurs, we have to include things in our routine that move our business forward, things that progressed, they help our business progress. Let me give you some examples. My routines should include production, marketing and sales. You know, once we do things, they help our mind and our body you know, stay healthy. We got to think about production, marketing sales all the time, like keep keeping. And within that. Let me break that down. Within our meetings we should do include something that that

Jason Hardin  5:03  
taps on design, product development, creating services you know, I don't know what kind of business you have Angela but I hope you think of new services I don't care if you got a whole menu of stuff you offer a hope you're always thinking of new of new services you can offer either things that cut costs things that could cut man hours things that that improve customer experience, whatever it is, always be thinking that might not work it might work. But just be thinking about new products new services. So include some visualization, some product development, some time to be creative in your daily routine. You know what I'm saying in your regular routine things like creating mailing lists you know what I'm saying things towards you towards marketing you've got to create opportunities to to market in your in your routine. And what is marketing marketing is your website monitoring is being able to set up your what they call it the lightbox your lightbox and your website to collect emails, your email blast you don't I'm saying all your mailing lists your mailing list that you have from your evite let me get drunk by here. But but that's what you have to do like like I said, you have to include this into your business why because these are the things that move your business forward. You only own your email lists you don't own your traffic on Instagram consumers they shut that shit down all your your status of being an influencer on Instagram is a rap it's over. You as soon as they charging you 100 a month for Instagram, what are you doing? Are you paying? If you're paying are your your followers still paying? You know what I'm saying? So you only only email me so so. So be on your email list, your social media, are you building your brand on social media every day. One is every week. But the cool thing is man, you can once a week you can set polls to go out every single day. If you can't do them on like HootSuite or Wix if you got a social media Automator you know what I'm saying? Social Social Media Manager, and only a regular person because people can do that, too. If you got the money and you got the or you got the access or you got the insurance, please give them the job. But you want you want to touch on your social media, you want to have online presence, you want to make creating an establishing and maintaining an online presence and building an online presence part of your routine. However you do it, whether that be man for an hour, I'm engaged for an hour, I'm going to I'm going to reply to everybody. I'm going to like every comment that was that was made on my business. And then I'm going to reply to them. Thanks. Good luck now, thanks for the support. Man, what do you think of this? What if we did this? You know, I'm saying I'm gonna engage, you know that you got to have a routine that, like I said, moves your business forward and walking will always move your business forward. Whether that be cold calling, your business might might entail cold calling. You know what I'm saying you might have a business where you need to hit people, you need to hit those numbers you need to call 100 people a day. 500 people a day, 20 people a day, whatever it is. But if that if that moves your business forward, then include that into your routine. You see what I'm saying? You get a pattern here advertising. So listening whether that be advertising, spending on ads on Facebook, Instagram, whether it be paying for flyers and putting them on people's windshields, whether that be buying business cards and handing them out at events, you got to include that in your routine. I'm gonna deliver 100 flyers to people this week, whether that be on a cause whether that be in the parking lot hand in the mail, whether that'd be outside the church, whether what it doesn't matter. Included in your routine, however you get it done include well, they might be uncomfortable that might get you out of your comfort zone of course. But there'll be beneficial to your business. So include these things in your routine in your regular routine and your business was exceed, include the uncomfortable shit, your regular routines, and your business was to achieve. That's all I got for you. Anyway, remember suggestions and lifestyle peace