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What's In A Name?

May 30, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 40
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
What's In A Name?
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In this episode, Hardin answers an audience question and explains how he chose the name for his business.

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Yo, what's up everybody, Jason Hardin here. And I want to answer this next question. We actually got it from Jeremy and Jeremy wants to know, how did you come up with the name of your brand? It is catchy and moving. And I'm thinking about a name for my brand. Um, you know, first, I gotta ask which one? Because I do represent a lot of brands because I've created a lot of brands, you know, from the ground up. So you know what, to make it easy. I'm just going to explain them all. In the inspiration for all of them in our thing. I'm going to do it in a way where you can take something from how I've done it. All right, I try to do my best I hear. Okay, this is me. This is my answer, Jeremy. Okay, first, we'll start with Hardway enterprise tideway enterprise is the parent company for everything I do. You know, everything I own, every every idea I have. Every every name I create every every piece of clothing brand. Everything comes up under hardware and hardware and apart is is the parent company, you know, it's the umbrella if you will, and how I came up with the name hard way enterprise is pretty much easy, you know? Hard Way first of all, you know, I gotta name enterprise is like a given you gotta call it something enterprise Corporation. Incorporated. associates, you gotta call us something so enterprise, man, I just picked enterprise because I thought it was you know, that it was a explained. You know, what we do? We were an enterprise, you know, so, yeah, I picked enterprise at random, but I did think you messed up with hard way. The best but hard way. Basically, my last name is Jason Hardin. My last name is Hardin, H, AR di n. And Hardin. Is is is near and dear to me the name itself because it's what my dad caught himself in and, and to be honest, I think legend has it is that Hardin wasn't my dad's father. You know, Hardin was the cousin of my dad's father who kind of took responsibility for the new baby and then my my granny, you know, kind of named my dad after, after the cousin. In this saw urban legend, I don't know how much of this is true. But you know, man, we only know history two words. It's in our nature. So but so but this is what I've been taught and told so. So anyway, that that meant something to me. So that meant that my dad purposely embraced harden. You know what I'm saying? He, he ran with that name, he went with it, you don't I'm saying I'm running with that name. You know what I'm saying? And so hard. Being the first, you know, real word, and the word hardened means something to me. I've always meant to try to be hard. And you know, when I tried to act hard, you know what I'm saying? When I tried to portray myself as hard. You know, being hard was always something that was respected. You know, even if I didn't go have it all together, man. Fuck that, man. I'm out there. You know what I'm saying? You know, it's that confidence. You know, it was where my confidence came from. Even when I didn't have confidence. I was still hard. I'll still fight you. You don't have to go by Kikko acid now, but we go and find the fuck out. You know what I'm saying? Why? Because I thought I was hard. You don't I'm saying so there was times where I really exerted that. You know, and there was Tom Glover like, man, that would get my ass in trouble, you know, always trying to be hot, but it was always something my representative. So, so hard had been a name and I came up the hard way. You know, I came up with I came up hot, you know, like I'm saying, like, poverty. Drugs, abuse, dysfunction, man. That was my childhood. You know, no stability. I went to 19 different elementary schools. You don't I'm saying it was it was it was hard. It was hard dealing with that. You know, sometimes living with my mom sometimes living with my dad sometimes living with both sometimes living with none. You know that it was hard.

Jason Hardin  4:58  
You know, so I always felt I came up though. odd way, you know, it wasn't nothing to me like Man, it was my normal. But when I realized that that wasn't how how everybody came up, I'm like, oh well I guess I came up hard. So yeah, so I came up the hallway so hardware in the pods is one name the parent company you know, it's what it's what I said everything else would be under this and hard way in its origin was just my Maya my graphic art freelancing my mom media creation freelancing my video editing, logo creation CD covers DVD covers I would do all that you know and all that was done the hard way in hardware enterprise was basically a media company was always a production company of media, you know, we only produce media content and it wasn't anything else pretty much you know, we didn't sell a whole lot of tangible product most of it it was just me doing doing graphic art services marketing services and things of that nature website building things like that. And then the next biggest company I'm probably known for now is maiden Dena you know, maiden Deena will will like have a boss a life of a boss is big because because I am hosting the life of a boss to podcast you know we do have a clothing line man it is a it is a mission a movement, a brand a business an idea a concept a lifestyle. Straight up you don't I'm saying so total life of a boss is big and it's major so so but that's new. You don't I'm saying I've said it for for a number of years but the actual manifestation into being what it is today is very new podcast. The brand the clothing is very new. You don't I'm saying some life of a boss came from came from? Well, let's back up Maiden, Deena you saying if you want to know what maiden Dini came from, which is like putting much maybe the next biggest brand I'm known for, other than the Gina magazine, you know, but I know you're not. Specifically Jeremy asking you about the Drina magazine. So we're not gonna give him go there. But Madan Dena is the clothing line that kind of paid for a lot of shit. The sales were made and Dena paid for the documentary documentary we did on gang violence in our community. It paid for a lot of mentors programs that we do it pays for this office that we're in so Madan Dena is like really where where the bread and butter of everything came from and that was under the brand name hardware apparel. Hardware apparel was just a hardware enterprises clothing line. So everything I make under clothing everything I create and do under clothing and fashion is really hardware apparel. And like I said these names they might get confusing but they all went to all DBA knew all organized right and everything in the paper books right and then they really become tangible products in itself. And I'm creating my brands so they can be sold they can become compartmentalized you know what I'm saying? So they can be organized different so they can be its own division when they when everything grows, you know what I'm saying? So, so that's part of organization you know, like just every idea is its own shit. No every idea falls within somewhere you know, and all that falls under hardware enterprise. Okay, now we'll get to the life of a boss you know, once made and Dina and in the Dena magazine and all that shit took off man, it was time to go with like a boss and I was willing teaching people how to create and live their own definition of success basically showing people that they all bosses they just got to start acting like it start moving like one Do you know what I'm saying? And that's really like, what happened to me man, I felt like I was always the boss. I just had to figure out how to act and maneuver and move like one when I was a youngster you don't say so. So so that's really what all the names compound it and one thing they all have in common is that they all mean something to me. They're all something I can get behind they're all something I can push through all something that represents me they're all something that represents who I am my characteristics what I do

Jason Hardin  9:48  
you know, more so than in business. You don't sometimes you don't even know what the businesses by, by by by hearing the brand name but but they all represent me in You create the brand that that business represents. You can call some shit, no whole media, or just no haul. You ain't even gotta add media and then and then you build that shit to where my book is understand like, Oh no, how was the big the biggest media company in a world? Whatever the fuck you think about can be as big as whatever the hell you want it to be. So the, there's no limitations, there's no restrictions, there's no, there's no cap on an idea. But best believe that whatever you run when you better be all in, you better be willing to push it, create it, live it, eat it, breathe it, share it, go to sleep to it, wake up to it, you know what I'm saying? You That's the energy that it takes into creating a winning brand is not the name, the name can be catchy as fuck, and nobody can care about it because there was no push behind it. You know what I'm saying? So don't don't put as much energy into the name as you put into energy as you put into making that name successful. You found me so that's all I'm saying. And then choose your name you can get behind because that's how you make it successful. You got to be dedicated to it. You don't I'm saying you got to eat live breathe and shit. Man you you got to be about that life as they say today. You don't say so. I'm about that amazing demon. I'm about that life of a boss. I'm about that Hardway enterprise. I'm about that hardware apparel. I'm about that. The Dean of magazines still you don't say them about everything that I've ever created. I stand by it I still do. And since I haven't sold any of those brands mana is still pulling me so I can still push it I still promoted a still make money you know so so whatever you do decide to create your brand around make sure means something to you. And make sure you go all in on making it the biggest baddest whatever it's supposed to be as possible. I man, I love you, Jeremy. And I love all y'all that listen. Really send us questions, send us inquiry. Send us back. Send us comments and love of all sorts, man. And I just want to encourage y'all to keep on engaging man. I love y'all peace. And remember, success is indeed a lifestyle. I now