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Consistency Creates Results

June 02, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 41
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Consistency Creates Results
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In this episode, Hardin touches on the importance of consistency. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a buster podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I'm absolutely grateful to be here, I just wanted to give you guys a quick message. And that is consistency creates results, the consistent, you're not going to get swole, you're not going to lose that weight working out once. You're not going to cut your cholesterol eaten right once or for a week. Or for 30 days. You know, but if you do it for 30 days, it can become a habit. And that's what you really want. You want you You want everything you need to do in life to become a habit. You know what I'm saying Be consistent. Because every small gain adds up. Every good decision you make adds up every right move you make adds up. And you have to keep making until you're off this planet. While you're here while you're still breathing while you're still alive. Man decisions matter. makes the best decisions for yourself consistently. If you read that book, and it's in it's a good book, and it's and it has a lot of positive stuff in it, man, don't just read it in and do what it says once we did it, live by it for a while and see if it works for you. Whether it be a diet, whether it be a nutritional plan, whether it be a whole way of life, whether it be educational and you're trying to get get into a certain field, whether it be medicine, biology, whatever you have to to know man soak that up and make it a daily routine to practice. Whatever it is you're trying to be great at. Whatever it is man has to be consistent. And you want to be great at if nothing else, taking care of your body and health. If nothing else, and be great at taking care of your mind. Nothing else. Take care of those things man and everything else fall into place, but be consistent in anything you're really trying to accomplish. Alright, that's all I can say. I love y'all peace.