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Don't Run From Sales

June 20, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 45
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Don't Run From Sales
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In this episode, Hardin shares the importance of "Sales" regardless if you own a business or not. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:00  
Hey, what's up everybody, and welcome to another wonderful episode of Life of a buster podcast. I am your host, Jason Horton, and I'm absolutely grateful to be here. And today I want to talk about selling, selling. And to be honest, on this road or journey to success, towards what ever your definition of success is, there's going to be some selling involved, you know, whether you have a product or not, whether you have a business or not, you're going to have to sell something. And at the top of that list, no matter if it's nothing else, you're gonna have to sell yourself, you're gonna have to sell yourself and and, and that's an important concept to understand. In life in general, you know, because it's not just about business, it's about succeeding in life, whatever your career goals are, whatever your your life goals are, I mean, whether it be relationships, whether it be the money, whether it be the material things, even if you're just materialistic, you don't, I'm saying you're gonna have to sell, you're gonna have to sell yourself, you're gonna have to, you're gonna have to sell someone on an idea. Whatever that idea that I don't care how great the ideas, like, everybody's just not automatically going to be on the bandwagon, people aren't just going to agree with, with what people are just gonna find whatever it is you're trying to sell. So you're going to have to at least tell people what you have for sale. Tell people about what's what you want them to know what what idea you're trying to sell them. And, and, and basically, all this is coming from a point of a lot of people think creating is the end all be all, you know, because I always say, you know, ABC always be creating, because that's one way, you know, but I always guarantee that I personally make money. If I'm creating product, if I'm creating designs, if I'm creating or if I'm creating stuff and, and sharing it and posting it man, I'm always gonna get good product, I'm always gonna get a chance to make some money, I'm always gonna get an opportunity. But you hear what I said. I said, if I create it and share it, that shifts Yeah, I can do nothing about this creative all my art and all my T shirts, and all my product, just sat in a vault, or sat in the studio was sat on a hard drive, it's not going to make any money, I have to share it, I have to let people know that it exists. So whatever idea you have, whatever product you have, just creating it, just thinking it up just making it isn't enough. If it's a website, man, I don't care if you got the most badass website that does everything, you know, that you want a website to do, and, and damn near got to be all capabilities, got games on it, whatever, a million downloads to great free stuff, it doesn't matter, no one's gonna go to it, if they don't know it exists. And that's where sales come in. You know, you can call it marketing, you can call it promotion, you can call it advertising. You can call it whatever you want. But it's really shuttling you're trying to Shell you're trying to get something purchased or bought. And not necessarily always good money. Like I said, you're trying to sell an idea you're trying to sell a project you're trying to, you're trying to sell some, some, some, some collaboration, how can I get us all to work together, I got to sell them all on an idea on an idea, and usually it's the same idea to get to sell more, you know, everybody might need a different pitch, but I have to get everybody on the same page. So So sales is big. You know, and I don't want anybody to think that this boat to success is going to be easy in and totally without having to deal with other people. Because if you want to be your own boss in life, you're gonna have to get resources directly from people. You know, if you're not going to get the resources from your job, and you're not going to have a middleman in your life, Feeding you is spoon feeding you opportunities or resources, whatever, you're gonna have to go get them directly from for yourself, you're gonna have to go out there and get that money, you're gonna have to go out there and get that leads, you're gonna have to go out there and get that appointment, you're gonna have to go out there and get that opportunity. Imagine you're going to come flooding your inbox if you didn't do anything to go get it. So sales is important. And I bring all this up because like I said, I don't just create these products. I don't just create these ideas. I gotta go sell them and I put as much effort if not more into selling these products than I do in creating.

Jason Hardin  4:54  
How many people know no one awesome as a recording artist and awesome as a rapper One awesome singer and they got so many songs in their hard drive and there's so many CDs sitting at the house and and you know so many projects that never got sold because they made the art and they thought that was it and they went on to the next art and they went on to the next art they went on to the next art and didn't sell anything there's so many careers I know like that not just not just art they're they're just there's products is inventions there's this this program so many things to get good created out of nowhere just off the idea the audit of talent from somebody and then it goes nowhere because nobody wanted to sell it and nobody's more responsible for selling your art but you you know nobody's more responsible then you just sell your artwork so you have to be your biggest salesman. And I don't care how much you hate sales I used to hate it. But one thing I loved more than I hated sales with money and opportunity and thanks and praises and and all that good stuff that came with with accomplishing a sale I get the rush I don't get I don't get depressed off the nose I get the rushes off the yeses. The nose don't faze me the nose campaign me at all. Don't let them nose discourage you see. And I think that's the that's the thing. We take things personally. Too much. You know, we take rejection as as as damn near You're not worth anything. You don't I'm saying Just think about it. You know, when a girl or somebody that you're chasing rejects you it's like oh, like I must not be worth shit to anybody. You don't say it but that's not true. So we can't look at the nose. Like the end all be all we're chasing those yeses. You know as a matter of fact, man with great with the nose because the more nose we get out the way we'll get to the yeses quicker. So So rack up the nose. And the only way to get it no was to present your partner. Present your idea? Ask them hey, I got this one by one. Get that? No. Because one of those those might be a yes. So so the more nose you get the more yeses you will find. But if you ain't going out there trying to chase those nose, you'll never find. If you have pointer those nose, you'll never see your net. Yes, at all. Ever. Do you know what I'm saying? Any Yes, you receive will be pure happenstance, pure luck. Pure luck. If you're not pushing your ship, nobody's responsible for buying it, nobody's responsible for knowing about it, nobody's responsible for caring about it. Nobody's responsible for sharing it. If you don't be the first one to push it, you have to believe in whatever you're pushing. And that's the first thing you have to do. Don't get a job for Tesla, if you don't like pushing Tesla cars, if you don't believe in Tesla, if you don't believe in everything they talked about, don't get a job for, for, for. For any company. If you're trying to really get paid, if you're trying to really make money, if your channel really advanced, don't get a job with a company that you don't believe in. Even if you can't afford the product that they're selling, you better believe in it, you better think is superior, you better be be trying to at least backup money to buy one that's how much you better believe in that product. Because you're going to be selling and people are going to be buying into you. They're gonna be binding to you, I believe for that product. You know what I'm saying they're gonna, they're gonna buy into your emotion, whatever. When you talk about it, man, it's the best thing that ever happened to my family, the best product I've bought, you know, you know, save my marriage and say it helped me raise my kids, but whatever it is, whatever the shadows, I have more time with my family. Now, you know, I'm able to do this now. What's the result of your product? I can represent now in style. You don't have to say whatever it is, you don't have to be live changing a world changing. But it has to be a result. What's the desired result of your product and be able to push that so now I'm giving you hints on how to sell. Because you have to spot the qualities in whatever you're selling. What are the selling points? That's what you call your selling points. What are your qualities? What are your personal selling points? You know, me, I'm creative. I'm energetic. I'm willing to put in the work.

Jason Hardin  9:46  
You know, I'm willing to be out there. put myself out there. You know, publicly. I'll state my opinion. publicly. You don't I'm saying I'm willing to take all the backlash and aid in every Anything that comes with that publicly you know what I'm saying? What are your selling points as a selling point? There's people that would buy into those qualities by themselves you know what I'm saying so so know your selling points know what you would know what what the value of your product is when you're selling don't be afraid to charge what you can afford man I say that all the time. Do not be afraid to charge what you can afford we're not selling to us we just have to believe in the product you're not upset when you're selling you just have to believe in it I can be southern mansions and can't afford not near one you know what I'm saying? But I'm selling them to people that can afford several you don't I'm saying so it's not about setting prices to fit your budget you got to set the price to fit to fit the market you want and not even a market disrupting the market you want if you want to sell a t shirt for $100 Each man you better be you have some conviction and some bass in your voice and some competence in your face when you say $100 And like I said rack up the nose because you will find it yes you know what I'm saying? If you don't find a yes man just change your ways of looking for one like I said man, it's all about putting in that effort after that creation all selling is is putting in that second effort you created it man that's wow now that second effort of selling it you became a great person wow now the second effort is selling it you don't look change you do self improvement to to to create a better to be a better father a better husband or butter butter butter whatever family man but now now that you've created a better person to unite you got to be it you got to sell it you got to show your wife that you're you're good man again you don't I'm saying that you changed or whatever you don't say it in the gym better or that you're more attentive but whatever you got to show your kids that you're there and you're and you're leading by example and you you don't understand and you're in you you value how they see you and and you're trying to show them represent what you want their best qualities to be you know what I'm saying? You gotta you gotta sell yourself you know after you create that whatever it is whether it be that better person whether it be that that more intellectual you know you went to school and study something that you got to sell that night you got to go to go now you got to prove that you know that shit. When you go to school you got to sell it every test day did you really learn what the fuck was teaching all week? You know, here's a test we'll find out you got to sell it ya know it you don't understand and the better the great is based on how well you can sell it Oh, I know all about this shit. You don't have them a plus he knew all about the details you know he sold it. Life is all about sales man winning is all about sales. So it's not all about money, man and don't think it's all everything is all about money. But if money is what you're going after, man, it's definitely about sales. You know, but money isn't what you're going after. It's still about selling, being able to sell an idea being able to get your opinion across being able to get your product across being able to get your vision seen, you know what I'm saying? That's all that's all it's about. That's all sales is. So don't be afraid of it, embrace it. Embrace it and see it as a talent a tool a way to get paid a way to get what you need and live where to get ahead or where to get further away to progress you know see sales as a tool. And like I said in the biggest fear is that rejection man wiped out your auto harddrive. Delete that from your memory. Book fear. Fear will not get you paid. Fear will not get you anywhere near where you really want to be in life. They will get you closer to everything you ever hated and everything you ever not what you don't understand fear will get you further into fear you're going to be more scared the more scared you are the more scared you get.

Jason Hardin  14:14  
Like I said don't be afraid to sell and don't be afraid to fail. I love y'all man come check out the podcast every Monday every Thursday man check out the website life of a man we got some great interviews coming up man check those out as well. And man check out the product life boss gear man we got all kinds of gear man we got all kinds of services we do custom work we do we do a personalized work we do short run stuff we mass produce man whatever you need done drop shipping, whatever it is designed and man we we can take care of it and why? Because this is selling you don't I'm saying Why am I saying all this stuff? Because we're selling? We're always selling you know what I'm saying? Even when I give you something free I'm gonna sell you something. You don't gotta buy Because I already gave you some free but I'm gonna sell you so I'm just gonna give myself a chance to get paid and that's all shuttling days man give somebody a chance to get you some money give somebody a chance to give you some money you ain't gotta beg for it just give them a chance to get some money man always be open to receiving money and that's to be sales and the only way to do that to show people that you got some anyway I love you I can go on forever about sales because I'm about to go sell today man. If you're listening to this man, I do pop ups so if you got a location and you want me on your location with my vending booth and all that man I'll be looking like a radio station like having the beat at your spot. You don't I'm saying I'll come through you know the same will bring you business by just being out there in front of your establishment. So if you want to, if you want to offer your your your your parking lot of space in your parking lot, or at least a patio, your business, whatever it is man for us to come sell. Man let us know man hit me up man. Send me an email. Send me an email man. Hardway enterprise and send me an email. Anyway man, I love y'all. And remember that success is indeed a lifestyle. Peace.