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Appreciation Is Power

September 14, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 63
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Appreciation Is Power
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In this episode, Hardin explains the power of appreciation. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:00  
Hello, and thank you once again, you are with me for a another episode of Life of a boss, the podcast. And this is where we are all about progress, personal development and success. My name is Jason Hardin. And today's episode is about appreciation seriously? And why are we talking about appreciation because I want you to identify the relationship between appreciation and success and happiness. Believe me, there is a very strong relationship between appreciation and success and happiness. And I want you to see that relationship and I want you to understand it, and I want you to create them and nurture them. And basically, this is where we start, you know, because we start by taking an inventory of what you have. You want to start being appreciative and start with taking an inventory of what you have. And don't start with the stuff you don't have. A lot of people want to start telling them and thinking about what they got, they start thinking Man, I ain't got no conga design good. No, no beautiful house. Dang girl, girl, I ain't got no whatever, you know what I'm saying? You started thinking about all the stuff that you that you're not being appreciated. That's what I'm saying. I'm trying to change that mindset. So when I say think about what you have, I mean, think about what you have, from small things. To medium sized things are huge things do you have a bed to sleep in? You know what I'm saying? I remember for years, I slept on a damn couch. And it was a couch with a hole in it. You know, and I don't mean like a hole in it like a hole in a blanket. I mean, like, a bunch of springs missing. So it literally had a hole a big dip in the couch. Do you know what I'm saying? And having bad problems and all that you don't I'm saying so. So if you got to bed if you woke up in a bed this morning? That's one thing to appreciate. Because I can tell you, man, it's not a it's not everybody that wakes up in a bed that we want. You know, not everybody wakes up in the house every morning. Did you wake up in the house? Did you wake up in a home? Didn't even have to be a house? Was that a home? And apartment condo? Trailer? RV? You know what I'm saying? Studio? You know what I'm saying that you got to start taking inventory of what you really have? Do you have a family? Do you have two eyes? Two legs? Do you have one leg that works very well. You don't understand? Can you get around? Are you mobile? Do you have your mind? You know, if you can't move up your paraplegic, and you have your mind? Do you appreciate that? I'd like to know. You know what I'm saying? If you guys, if anybody out there is somebody who has something, you know, the Extreme Challenge they're dealing with. I want you to comment right now or wherever you're listening to this podcast, wherever you're watching it. I'd like you to leave some type of feedback somewhere. You're telling me something you appreciate? I'm not talking to those who got it all I'm not talking about. I'm not talking to those who have everything going for him who are totally happy and totally perfect. Right now. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking about any of those who who have something wrong, who are facing extreme challenges right now who do not have everything going for them right now. I want you to chime in and tell me what you're appreciative and thankful for right now. And I'm saying that and I'm asking that because the truth is there's something and that's the point no matter what you're going through, no matter how bad you think you got it, no matter what's wrong, no matter who's gonna who was not there in your life no more, you still have something to be thankful for. And why is being appreciative, so important? You know, is it just something that nice people should do or nice people should be, you know, if I'm greedy? Or if I don't care, should I still be appreciative? And the point is, yes, yes. I don't care how greedy you are. I don't care what you care about. If you want to be successful in life, if you want to be be respected, if you want to be happy. If you want to be all the things you must be appreciated. You must know how to express appreciation.

Jason Hardin  4:22  
Because I'm gonna tell you what the the biggest, the biggest, I guess benefit to appreciating something. I guess the only real benefit to appreciating something is that you know, you're gaining like, like it's giving you something that there's something that you need that is providing there's a value in it. Meaning everything that you appreciate has some type of value to you. It might not be monetary, you know, it might not be a special feeling. It might be something that just it keeps you healthy or keeps you sane or it keeps you You Hausdorff it keeps you warm, or it keeps you cool, whatever it is, but it has some type of value. You don't I'm saying, and that's the goal, or I guess that's the benefit of being appreciative is that you start understanding the value of some of these things. And then when you understand the value of some of the things you have, maybe you might take better advantage of it. Because there's a strong lesson I want people to learn today. And with me, personally, I'd rather be, I'd rather be taken advantage of than taken for granted. And when you appreciate some, you, you take advantage of it, when you don't appreciate something, you take it for granted. And there's a big difference, you know, I have a lot of value, there's a lot of things I know how to do. I'm not just bragging, I'm being real, there's a lot of skills that I have, there's a lot of qualities, and and things I know how to do well, you don't I'm saying, and I appreciate there's nothing more than I appreciate, then then somebody who understands that value, and wants to tap into it. You know, whether that's asking me to make something for them, whether that's asking me to or paying me to do something for them, whether that's just just asking me to donate a skill set, because when somebody does that, I understand that they see that I have value, you don't I'm saying and not just that, I understand that they appreciate some of the values and skills that I have. You don't send so I'm appreciative of those that appreciate me. And that's why I say I'd rather be taken advantage of and taken for granted because taken for granted is being here with all these skills, all these no house, all this all these gifts, and having somebody close to me, still broke, tired, hungry, sick, you know what I'm saying? And not taking advantage of anything that I know how to do, and they have 100% access to me, you know, that's been taken for granted. And I hate that. And I don't appreciate that, you know, what I'm saying? So, being appreciative, is is a strong tool to create a life and, and, and career and, and basically a lifestyle that you want. And to create the the existence in the environment that you want. It takes being appreciative you have to care enough to express your appreciation to that's part of it, don't just appreciate something, you know, just like, I don't know about you, but I've had a job before and I never cared about what Lisa thought I never cared about compliments. You know, I'm the type that I go to work and I don't care about relationships are how well I get along with coworkers, or how much of a cool or uncool boss I have. I know that if I signed up to work, that's what I come here to do. I come here to work, I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to be happy, I'm here to do my job and bring a paycheck home. That used to be my attitude as an employee. That was you don't I'm saying I didn't, I didn't do it for any other reason. But when I do my job well, and a boss or manager sent an email or gave me a call and said, Jason, man, we had a call the other day about somebody telling me what great work you do, you know, and how you're always upbeat, how, how you, you know, you always greet people with, with, you know, with a smile and, and joy and happiness. And you're just very good with folks. And I wanted to appreciate that, you know, and, you know, like I said, I thought I didn't care about appreciation until I got appreciate it. You know, and then at that moment, I was, you know, I was more mindful of the impact I had on that job, the impact I had on the people around me, and it made me want to keep that up. You know, I'm saying they made me a better employee, because somebody did appreciate me and showed it and expressed it. And that's what I'm telling you to do. If you appreciate some express it because it might do the same job forever. You don't I'm saying you might not have to ever appreciate something for them to keep doing it. But it also might make more of an impact on the way they do their job and how they do it. And just their relationship with you period.

Jason Hardin  9:20  
You know what I'm saying? Like I said, I don't do a lot of things for love, but when I get the love Oh, oh, like I said already. I appreciate the love and I don't even know how much I appreciate love until I get it because that's not what I do everything for I don't do things for thanks and for loves and for for recognition. I do them because they wait and they wait for me to something that I feel I'm supposed to do. But when I get that love and I get that recognition, like get that credit, Oh my It does feel good. So make other people feel good that make that impact in your life. Tell your mama Thank you tell you why thank you tell your sister Thank you. You know tell your teacher I appreciate you. Tell your and that you don't even talk to no more that looked out for you back in the days like you know, I remember when you looked out for me back in the day man up reciate that thank you for that you know what I'm saying and you'll be surprised what you can create what you can accomplish what what life you can bring out of others how how well you can get others to do their jobs better and perform better and and and just be more positive and with a better attitude and improve morale and all that other good stuff. So appreciation goes a long way. And I definitely want to emphasize how important depreciation is in being successful. So that's my message for today man I love y'all thank you all for tuning in man. Please check out the website life Download the free downloads and help and help worksheets and you know self help worksheets. We've gotten a lot of good stuff there, man. And check it out man. I love your life boss. Until next time, man, know that success is a lifestyle peace.