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How Personal Development Creates A Boss Life

September 22, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 64
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
How Personal Development Creates A Boss Life
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In this very special 100th episode, Hardin and the "Squad" share how personal development has helped them "Boss Up" over the last year.

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Hello, everybody, and welcome to another wonderful episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I am absolutely grateful and thankful to be here. And today the episode is Willie. Deep Dive, actually, I'm not going to say this, because I'm gonna make this real quick. So it's not going to be a deep dive. But basically, it's gonna, I wanted to touch on something from the last episode. And it was about branding. And some people in particularly, my fiancee, beautiful woman, wonderful, smart, intelligent girl. She said, wow, she said, I loved how you said everybody has a brand. But not everybody knows it. You know, everybody has a, you know, a personal brand, but not everybody really knows it. She said, how does that relate to personal development? And I was like, that's awesome. That question was great, because now I didn't just answer it to it. I wanted to do a whole episode about it. And basically, that's what this is, I wanted to help those that wanted to understand how does, like how all these tips on how to be an entrepreneur and, and how to be a better business person? And how to, like, how does this help with personal development? Like, what does all this have to relate to personal development? And, and building your brand and branding and all that? And here's what it here's the answer, basically, here's why I get into a lot of that, well, first of all, let's just back up a moment, entrepreneurship is taking full ownership and responsibility over your own earning potential. In this in this capitalistic society, we're gonna start there, you know, so, so entrepreneurship, is that act of taking ownership, and all the responsibilities and requirements and, and, and everything in effort that goes into that is, is what is what entrepreneurship is, you know, and that's what we talk about it. And if you think about it, everything that goes into making a great business is the same thing that goes into creating a great person. And, and that's what I wanted to talk about. Now, I wanted to kind of relate it to because to build a great brand for Nike, to build a billion dollar brand for for McDonald's to build their billion dollar brand for all these, you know, Adidas, and in all these great companies, financially great companies to build these billion dollar brands, and not just the brand, but But you know, like the essence of a brand what these brands represent, because that's really what a brand is what these companies represent. When you think about Nike, you really don't think about their, their money so much as you think about success in athletics, and I can do anything, I can jump higher, run faster, I'm Jordan, and all that, you know, what I'm saying that's the brand. You know, that's what they created, you know, and that's what they chose to represent. And they went all in on representing that what they what they chose to represent. And if we want to apply that to ourselves, man, what do you choose to represent? Whatever you choose to represent is your, your personal brand. And you don't choose with your mouth, you choose with your actions. So all of you out there have made a choice to some degree, to create a brand that you have for yourself. And what is your brand your brand is what people will think of you when you're not around your brand is what people will people say your brand is, is how you do business. Your brand is how you shop, how you spend money, how you how you make decisions, your success, your failures, all that that makes up your brand, and what you represented and how you get through that. How you deal with all that. Hey, how are you? In in really what you choose to represent? Do you choose to be strong? Do you choose to be resilient? Do you choose to be the rebel do you choose to be you know, a good love will conquer Oh, do you choose to be cutthroat? You don't I'm saying you choose the brand that you want to represent out there in life. You know you and that's what companies do with their big major brands. They choose what they what they want their company to represent.

Jason Hardin  5:01  
You know, so that's what the relationship is in, in, in in creating that personal brand, or the best personal brand really comes down to creating your best self to represent, because really what we all want to do, we want to represent our best sell. That's what our personal brands are. Even when we're not doing the best. Or taking the best actions or doing the best in our lives, we still will lie Oh, man, I'm doing all right, I'm cool. You know, we always tend to represent our best selves, even when we're hurt when we're sick. Usually, we're trying to like even even the strongest of us do it. You know, we're trying to represent our best selves, no matter what we feel like no matter what's going on. There can be turmoil at home, and everything's fine. You know, so we always try to represent our best selves. So personal development is really creating that best. So don't just represent it, create it, the best way to represent your best self is to create your best self. You know what I'm saying? And I think that's why entrepreneurship and in all the tactics and hints and hacks on how to be a better entrepreneur, entrepreneur, business owner, or professional, is, it's all the tips and hacks on how to be the best you everything that we can learn from Tiger Woods on how to be the best golfer is what we can apply to ourselves to be our best selves, the discipline, the practice, the hours of education of self education, and something you want to learn. Anything that makes anybody great is something that we can apply to ourselves. Greatness is not for other people. It's for us. We are greatness. We are greatness you don't I'm saying we're not here to just do great things. We are greatness now. What are we going to do with that? What are you going to do with the greatness you are? I keep saying what are you going to do with your winnings? If you woke up this morning, you're winning. What are you going to do with your winnings? Oh, man, that's my episode. I wanted to keep this short, man. Think about that. All right. Think about all of that. How does your personal brand measure up? Alright, anyway, man, I love y'all man. Check us out at life of Worcester. Net. Check out new episodes of life of Buster podcast every Monday and every Thursday. And until next time. Remember success is a lifestyle. Peace.