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The 2-Minute Drill: Defeating Procrastination

October 10, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 65
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
The 2-Minute Drill: Defeating Procrastination
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In this episode, Hardin shares his personal hack for overcoming procrastination. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:01  
What's up everybody, and welcome to another wonderful episode of Life of a Boston podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I'm extremely happy and excited to be here, man, because I'm gonna talk about procrastination today, you know, procrastination kills all dreams. You know, thinking you have the chance to do it tomorrow I get to it or, or basically thinking you have for ever to do something is like, almost insanity. You know, it's almost, it's almost thinking, thinking that if I don't do nothing, something's gonna change. He said, it's, it's crazy, how easy it is to get caught up in it. Because, first of all, some things aren't fun to do. Some things aren't exciting, some things aren't glamorous, some things aren't easy. Some things aren't. You know, just just unpleasant. You know, so things that we find that aren't pleasant, aren't easy, aren't fun, or exciting or glamorous, you know, we tend to put all I know I do. I mean, I have, I have so many tedious tasks. And I think that's my biggest problem, I put off a lot of tedious tasks. Well, I used to, I don't so much anymore. I'm gonna tell you how, in a moment, how I got through it. But But uh, yeah, I used to put off so much of the, of the mundane, tedious things to do that involve running a business like mine, like, like updating my website. Like, like, I love creating products. But after I create a product, I don't like listing that new product on my website, you don't like little things like that, that actually mean a big differences in my business, it's like, I have to get used to that I have to get used to making, I mean, I had to I had to get used to making those tedious things, a part of my everyday routine, a part of my, every week, every month, what however long, I can go without doing it again, having to do it again. It has to get done, though, you know. So, um, so I want to share with you what has helped me stop putting off things that needed to get done. And my secret has become pretty much a I'm not gonna say a secret to success, but it's highly favored amongst people that I admire people that I respect people who, who I always see as go getters self motivated self starters. So I'm gonna share a practice that not has just worked for me, but worked for a lot of other people, and not call it a two minute drill. When there's something that I hate doing or don't like doing, whether it be maybe even creating a new design for a product, sometimes I don't like doing that I'm not motivated, I'm not inspired, I just don't feel like it's worth my time right now. You know, even though it might be like I might have an event coming up that that pretty traditional, pretty special is gonna have a market for it. And I just don't feel like creating a design for an article of clothing that might sell because of that event. You know, that has a high probability of selling, but very little work for me to put into, I just might not do it just because it's tedious just because it's boring, just because I'm not inspired. But once I implement the two minute drill, I feel like I get lost and in a sea of creativity.

Jason Hardin  4:17  
Literally I get it doesn't matter if the if the task is the creative task or not. It could be something as simple as straightening up as cleaning my office as mopping the floor. You know as as a decluttering a room you know, it can be anything but as soon as I implement the two minute drill, it becomes like artwork can be you know, I can get into a zone and that's my goal. Almost every day my goal is to get into a zone, get into something that's that's purposeful, meaningful, and get lost in it. Get lost in something that's creative, creative and fun and and just but still mean something still moves the needle forward, you know, when I get in that zone, I'm in a happy place. So the two minute drill has helped me get in that zone with so many things that need to get done. And what is the two minute drill you ask? Basically, it's, it's, it's picking a task. And dedicating just two minutes to it, just just just just, I'm gonna just go all in, I'm going to start it and go all in for two minutes. 120 seconds, I'm going to start it, I'm going to open the file, I'm going to write that first line, I'm going to, I'm going to start this listing, I'm going to quit, oh, I'm going to open my account, whatever that opening and that starting that two minutes, whatever that is almost guaranteed that you're going to get more than two minutes worth of shit done. You might get 10 minutes worth of stuff done, you might get 20 minutes worth of stuff done, you might get four hours worth of stuff done. By simply dedicating that first two minutes to get that new task done. So I want you guys to pick something that that's maybe you know been holding you back in some way you know that this may be there may be has been been a roadblock in your progress, I want you to take on a task, whether that task be getting your car cleaned out whether that task be getting your garage cleaned out, getting you getting your office straightened up, getting you getting your room clean, getting whatever it is, whatever it is whether that task be writing that that blog article, whether that task be creating that, that that new design for a flyer, you know, whatever that task is, whatever that task is, I want you to dedicate two minutes towards it. Two minutes, two minutes. Now I want you to set the timer. I don't want you to set an egg timer. So when two minutes goes, it goes Dang. And the second stop, no, I want you to just keep timing your head started and then then then start the two minute clock and don't think about the clock anymore. Just think about what you're doing right now. And do as much as you can in that two minutes. And then you'll look up and see it's 20 minutes later. It's three hours later. It's six months later, and your shoot is done. That book is done. That movie is done. That script is done. That garage is done. That room is done. You don't I'm saying? I want you to experience the power of the two minute drill. All right. Anyway man that's my show for today man I love y'all I'm trying to keep this short simple I want you guys to succeed and win and I don't want you to guys I don't want you have to take forever to learn how to do it man just apply these things man the quickest way to get to where you want to be as application of what you're learning men apply everything. If it's not working for you. Stop doing it. Alright, anyway man I love y'all remember this success is a lifestyle man if you ever want to check me out, man check out all my social media platforms, man. I always give out gaming everything I do, man. Instagram is hard way harder than Facebook man. You can just look my name up Jason Hardin. Man. Tick tock me. Tick tock me if you guys want to tick tock man. Get at me at Jason Hardway hardin on tick tock man and just connect with me. Connect with me share with me engage with me ask me questions. I try to get back to everyone that asked me anything on any platform. So hit me up. If you're looking to email me, email me at Hardway enterprise And until next time, remember that success is indeed a lifestyle. Peace.