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My Evolution As A Businessman

October 17, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 67
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
My Evolution As A Businessman
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In this episode, Hardin answers a question from the audience about how he has evolved as a businessman. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:00  
Hey, what's up everybody, as always, I am Jason Hardin bringing you some more tips, X hints, cheats in every little shortcut you can think of, to help you create and live your own definition of success, man, that's all that I do. I'll just try to help you be the best you that you can be. And doing that. I actually reach a lot of folks man, I'm always surprised and very humbled by how many people we actually reach man, thank you to Princess poku answer who syndicates a lot of what I do. Worldwide, you know. And because I do reach a worldwide audience, I get questions from people from all over the world, from Africa from Great Britain from of course United States and in everywhere else in between man, I get a lot of feedback, I get a lot of questions. So sometimes I like to answer one of those questions on the air. You know, I definitely message people back if you guys want to hit me up on on email, man, you can email me Hardway enterprise You can visit my website, hard way Or life If you really want to be engaged in personal development, and things of that nature, in regards to bettering yourself, but But basically, I try hard to reach everybody that reaches me. I try to try to hit them back with the answers to the questions with some advice with some kind words with some positivity, whatever I got to do, but every now and then I come across some feedback that makes me want to answer the question on air. And that's what I want to do today. I have a question. Well, I got an email from Macbeth. Now I don't know what Macbeth is from now. They can be from England, you know, which was Shakespeare in them? Because, you know, that's the only Macbeth I know. But um, but Macbeth, let me read his email. Thank you so much for all your segments. I am now a business owner. Well, congratulations, Macbeth. Man, I'm proud of you, man, I love that you took that you took that leap of faith and that you went out there and, and created something created your own definition of success. And I'm happy that you're living it. And it goes on to say, prior to listening to you, I did not have any desire to start a business until I listened to one of your segments where you said that there's no job security now. And I thought about this statement. And that moved me after I started a side hustle alongside my job. I'm much happier. And I feel that I'm a better person. I have read about your story and follow your activities. Congrats on on your anniversary. Maybe just talking about marriage? I don't know. I don't know. But we got some of the anniversary been in a new commercial building a year now. So I don't know what's anniversary is referring to but thank you. Thank you, Macbeth. And the question is, my question to you is how do you evolve as a businessman, because I see you evolving repeatedly? And let me repeat the questions. How do you evolve as a businessman? Because I see you evolving repeatedly? Well, firstly, once again, I'd like to thank you for your question Macbeth. And? And that's a great question. Because a lot of us that start businesses or, or ventures or hustles. Don't know that we're still allowed to grow, you know, just because you start a business, that business is written in stone, just because you have an idea and you put some, some couple bucks into it and you went out there and it made it happen. It still doesn't solidify that in stone, like you can still change what you do in and let me speak on evolution. I think I evolve as a businessman, because I evolve as a person. Like this whole podcast and everything I do is about personal development. So I am constantly evolving. That is my goal. My goal is to evolve and get better as a human being. So why wouldn't my business do the same?

Jason Hardin  4:52  
So that's pretty much my answer. You know, I'm gonna go in depth when it comes to evolution. Oh, The evolution of my businesses and the things I get into and, and just to let somebody know, I was a publisher, I started a, Deena magazine publication in Pasadena, California, you know, world renowned city, or at least world recognized city. And, and that kind of got my foot in the door with media. From then I went to, I got into politics, because to make anything big happen in business, you're going to face some politics. And I don't mean just politics between businesses, but you're gonna have to deal with the city, you're gonna have to deal with your city councilmembers, you're gonna have to deal with the mayor, you're going to have to deal with Assembly Members you're going to have to deal with, with with commissioners and people that represent you, and you're gonna have to deal with people that represent the city and in the represent city property and all that, you know, it's just that you're gonna have to deal with a lot of folks who have a lot of influence and say, in different matters, you know, what I'm saying? And so I got into politics, you know, and then from politics, I got into more mentorship and public speaking and, and then I started my clothing business and, and then I started my podcast, so. So if you are looking at the different things I do, some of it doesn't even look connected, you might think, like, like, wow, he's doing this, and now he's doing this, and now he's doing that man, he can't focus. But what people don't see is that this evolution, this nonstop evolution that I have in business, and in these changes that I'm making, the different directions I go, really are one thing, just leading to the next, you know, is really just my my process in how I'm growing. You know, once I understand better, I do better. Once I figure out how to do something else, I apply it. And I think that's why people see me shift so much people see me changing businesses and ventures, and it's not really a change moreso than it's a growth. So I evolve as a business man, because I grow as a person, I see more ways to get it, I see things that I don't need to do any more, I see things that I should be doing, I see products that I'm not going to make any money pumps, I stopped selling them, I see products that I can make a shitload of money from so I start selling those you don't, I'm saying so. So it's really just recognizing my attributes and what I what I'm able to do what I have access to, you know, my low hanging fruit, you don't say when there's so many. I guess there's so many reasons that go into why I change my my focus in my business. But all of those reasons have to do with personal development. All all of those reasons have had to do with me knowing more, and getting more in tune with the things I like, and as I grow as a person, my interest, they might change they might grow as well, you know, so I might not be interested in the same things that I used to be and I'm gonna take one thing about me and business is, if I'm not enjoying it, I don't do it. Literally so so I probably change directions also, because I find more things that I enjoy.

Jason Hardin  8:42  
I find more ways to execute what I'm doing that, that bring me more peace, bring me more time, bring me more resources, you know what I'm saying? So, so it's really me constantly evolving and growing as a person that keeps my businesses constantly growing and evolving, if that makes any sense. You know, because one thing we don't want to do is be stagnant. We don't never want to be the same person we was yesterday, we want to be better people every single day. And that doesn't mean change your business every single day. But that does mean look for opportunities every single day. Look for ways to grow every single day look for ways to scale every single day. And if you're realizing you're doing something wrong, you can just stop it right then and there. You don't have to play out a mistake. You don't have to play out a business that's not gonna work or that you're not interested anymore, that that's doing more harm than good or taking more resources and adding more but you know, you don't have to keep going in the wrong direction. You know, some of us think that since we started a business or since we we started a project that we have to write it all the way out good or bad and that's not true. It's just like a relationship. If You realize and you learn that you're in an unhealthy relationship? Do you have to stay in that relationship? Hell no. So it's the same in any business same in any venture, same in any, any project you're taking on as soon as it's not beneficial to you as soon as it's not helping you grow and, and learn and evolve to something better. You can leave it alone and get on something else. Does that mean that you're supposed to change your mind every 20 minutes or every day? No, that's not what I'm talking about. But if you can clearly see the opportunities that you want, in a particular move, make that move. Don't sit on your hands and be like, Well, I'm doing this now. I can't do that. No, no, no, no, of course, it can get a little crazy. So I'm not saying just just follow everything that shiny you know, I'm saying, like, you always want to have focus, but if you're constantly bettering yourself, you're gonna know when to make a move. If you're constantly doing things for the right reasons, if you're constantly taking care of yourself and making better decisions for yourself and, and putting yourself in healthier positions and in healthier state, you know, whether that be financially whether that be health wise, whether that be you know, mentally bending, go with that go with that don't be stuck in a negative state to please anybody going to satisfy anything else. And because I never limit my growth, I don't limit that growth within my company. That's why my businesses evolved. That's why I'm a private chef now. And that really has nothing to do that was an extra project I took on because I love to cook. So does it have an effect on my businesses? And of course it does. Do I have to grow and evolve and and change things around my new career in culinary arts? Of course I do. You don't I'm saying so it does affect everything but but is it some man joy, some I love something that's bringing in extra money, something that's that that's adding to what I'm doing? Of course it is. That's what things look like they change because I change I grow constantly. In as long as I keep growing, my businesses will keep growing. What I do will keep changing will keep evolving. The point of life is to grow and get better until you're not here anymore. Personal development is a never ending job. So even though I'm happy and content with everything I'm doing now, is this the end all be all? No, it's not. Because as I moved further in culinary arts as I moved further in clothing production, as I moved further and podcasts and podcasts production, and educating and teaching and mentoring, I'm gonna change for the better, and I'm gonna make those things better all of them in some way, shape or form. I'm gonna let certain things go to pick up another test that's even more valuable or more impactful. So the evolution of my business doesn't do anything, but reflect the evolution of me. Your business will grow as you grow.

Jason Hardin  13:43  
Everything you touch will get more value as you start gaining value. So always be adding value to yourself. In everything you learn, how can you apply it the quicker you can apply something, the quicker you can be successful. Apply what works and that's and that's why my my businesses keep changing and evolving because I'm always applying some new shit that works. And sometimes I find something that works. That totally makes what I was doing. Absolutely. So you won't see me do that ever again. That's why people don't see certain businesses and certain projects that I've done before they won't see him again because I've grown from that. But since I didn't have a book since I didn't have a one mentor to study since I didn't have any footsteps to follow I'm figuring it all out as I go. So some of this isn't, isn't a clean line from A to B. There is no just straight line from from being poor broke and homeless to successful and having everything I need. It was no stone rely. Progress looks like a stock that's going up. And when you look at a stock that that ever doubled in price, or tripled in price, if you look at any stock that went up, it's never a straight line, from a low price to a high price, it's a jagged line of up and downs going all the way up. And that's how we move. That's how we grow. We take our losses, but we thought we learned from the last one, and we do better this time, and so forth. So show them little ups and downs can keep getting higher and higher, my low points can keep going up. So now my low points is better than my best day when I was 20. My lowest point at 40 is better than my best day at 20. My broke is Day and 40 is better than my my wealthiest day, you know, just because like literally, that's how it works. Because I've grown like a stock that went up. That's the evolution. That's the change. That's the growth that you'll see in my businesses. Because that's the growth and the change and in the evolution that you'll see in me as a person. So if you find yourself, getting bored, getting stagnant, getting getting irritated, getting frustrated, because things don't happen fast enough that maybe you're not doing what you need to be doing, you might need to grow, you might need to evolve, you might need to adjust. Like I said, don't, don't be written in stone. You're not dead yet. Your Tombstone is the only thing about you that should be written in stone because because by then your story is over, it's done. You can't do nothing anymore. That's when your name and who you are is written in stone. But while you're here, man, it can grow, things can happen. Things can change, and embrace that change. And make the best of it. Matter of fact, create those changes. Don't wait for change to come and try to adjust to a quick eight to changes in your life. Quit eight to challenges in your life. So you don't be challenged by something else. As long as you challenge yourself, you'll never be challenged by something else. Because you'll always be at the top of your game. So nothing else will ever be challenging. Because why you challenge yourself every day? Do you make life hard everyday for yourself. So nothing else can make life hard for you. When I was playing golf six days a week, I realized I wasn't wealthy, I realized that I was alone. Meaning none of my friends were here playing golf with me. I realized there was still a lot of issues that that were happening in my community and my family and and there was a lot of things in politics and in society that were affecting my family. So so there was no reason for beyond for me to be on the golf course six days a week. So what did I do, I ran for office. I forced myself to get better, I forced myself to learn, to be better to communicate, to be involved to meet more people in my community, to me to meet people that are the decision makers in my neighborhood to meet the people that are really influential to me, you know, to see how processes work. And you know, I deep dive into a whole industry. Because I was too comfortable and I didn't need to be comfort will kill you. Comfort is the opposite of evolving.

Jason Hardin  18:44  
Because when you get comfortable from Ilima, yay, moving, look at somebody that's comfortable. And see if they want to move as somebody who just got comfortable to get up and get you something. And you could watch the frustration and anger in their face. Because they didn't want to move. That's not how you want to be in life. You want to always be ready to get up and make something happen. And as long as you're always ready to make something happen, you will grow your business will grow your money will grow. Your family will grow your community will grow in all those things will grow stronger. All right. So I know that was a lot Macbeth. But I hope the answer you seek is somewhere in that. Because that's my genuine answer to this question man. My business has evolved because I constantly evolve. The things I do look like they change because I am constantly changing. And that's what you want. You always want to change for the better. You always want to be evolving for the better. You always want to be better than you were yesterday. All right. Anyway, man. That's my message for today man. I love y'all man. keep tuning in. Keep checking us out. Keep visiting a website man life Man, reach out to me. Follow me on Twitter. Tic Tac Facebook man Hardway Harden, and yeah pick up some free game wherever I'm dropping it. I love y'all until next time remember the success is indeed a lifestyle peace