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The Only Toxic Person Love Can Fix Is You

October 24, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 68
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
The Only Toxic Person Love Can Fix Is You
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In this episode, Hardin shares why your love is only responsible for healing you. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:02  
Hello, and welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a boss the podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I'm absolutely grateful as always to be here. As you know, this podcast is the Willis podcast on personal development because it's all about the things I've done Shane being too and witness personally, so I know it's all authentic. True, you know what I'm saying I'm, I'm only spitting things that that I know personally that I can pull guaranteed things that happen to me like man, I made it to this because of that, because I did this because I thought this because I said that. Because I believe this because I moved like that. That's all the show's about.

Jason Hardin  1:01  
It's about everything, I did everything I thought everything. I had to work on everything, I had to improve everything I had to understand, become aware of tap into a dress fix to be the boss that I was born to be. And I figure if I have a show, and I talk about all those things, and I'm putting up all those tidbits and, and, and, and in little my new things that come up every day that millions of people experience or that maybe even just one person was like damn, that's me. I have that issue I have that problem. And that's how you got over it. I'm gonna try that too. That's what I do this for. So I don't care if if my point of my story You're my guest doesn't reach you today. I don't want you to stop listening. Because I'm sure that no matter what I'm on what I'm talking about what the subject is that there is something to walk away with

Jason Hardin  2:22  
there is something in here that you can use

Jason Hardin  2:30  
that's why I do this and today my message is to let you know that the only toxic person you can fix with love is yourself

Jason Hardin  2:51  
let me repeat myself the only toxic person you can fix with love is yourself and I'm only saying that because there are so many of us that can become real bosses and better bosses and bonafide bosses if we wasn't stuck in our growth helping someone else someone else who is stuck in their growth and not just stuck in their growth but unwilling to grow. To me that's all a toxic person is is is someone who is unwilling to grow not unable or or they might be unable. That could be a disability, you know, they're unable they can get it. But a toxic person is someone that can be better. Just unwilling. They can be honest they can do by you they can respect you they can treat you better they can be fair they can do you know they can you just don't want to just don't want to and so many of us stop dwelling or hinder our growth meaning we grow at a slower rate because of helping an ailing and nurturing and, and and what's that word? Enabling someone else who's toxic

Jason Hardin  4:54  
trying to bring someone who don't want to be brought with you To the world, and land and environment of success, the Progress of Love of abundance I don't know how many people I've known, close to me and not so close to me that have totally destroyed their lives. By giving it to someone else who destroyed their life, so you don't observe. That's really what they did. They gave their lives for other people who gave their lives for nothing. To a bad habit to abuse to addiction to anger to whatever didn't grow, it's almost like two people died. One person who was toxic and just yeah, we divided them all. They were toxic, and then the person that loved them, to the point where they didn't become anything, they didn't become anything they wanted to be, they didn't accomplish anything they wanted to do. Why? Because they, they thought their love would fix this toxic person, they don't do it, if they kept loving them, if they kept enabling them, if they kept doing something for them, they would get better. And sometimes the best things we can do for someone is leave them alone. Like that's the best gift you can give to certain people ain't that sad, but it's true. And it's not necessarily sad. It's what has to be and what has to be is never sad. It is what it is. And we should be at one mobile has to be so if we gotta cut people out of our life, man, that's what we have to be happy about it. But we cannot think that our love is gonna fix somebody we cannot think our love is the solution to someone else's problem that is toxic

Jason Hardin  7:17  
and I think once we understand that, some of us like I said, some of us don't want to let people go and again, if you know how to let someone go I applaud you you're ahead of the game. I'm one of those people I'll let you go on my relationship as I say this shit don't have to work out that's one of my first that's one of my first statement this you don't have to work out we're only here because we want to be here I'm only gonna give you an hour I'm only gonna give you an hour

Jason Hardin  8:05  
can't fix it another person will love it's not your responsibility it's not your duty unless you're a social worker you know unless you go to school for now I'm serious unless that really is your profession and you at work fixing toxic people or dealing with and you your job isn't even to fix them Your job is to give them a process and you don't control the result you only control the process

Jason Hardin  8:52  
but that's the most we can do is give someone a process to be better but but other net if they if they get fixed or not that's not that's not our problem. That's not our duty that's not our life and death and dreams and hopes does not depend on someone else getting better sometimes we have to leave people behind and and most of the time is people that need to be left behind a long time ago people that that didn't need to go this far with you in the first place

Jason Hardin  9:30  
so don't everything you can out love someone toxic man I remember I was younger man I thought I had a game and I thought I can our game a bad relationship like man like there's so much good I can fix this no Megan you can't you are not you don't I'm saying and I think we take it as a personal challenge as men we get into relationships and become bad or or or we start seeing the problems within within them with in us, like if we just forced to make it work why because we got into the relationship like we just we just have to make this work and no it doesn't

Jason Hardin  10:15  
it doesn't I didn't have to fix that with game I didn't have to. I didn't have to love that person more and more and more to get them to love me why yours You don't owe to give him the app or to get them to love themselves. I was not the solution to their problem and I was trying to be I was trying to create I was trying to create no problems with someone who wanted a problem who was a problem how many of you are in that situation

Jason Hardin  10:58  
trying to fix someone else's problem that they want not not not a problem. They want to get rid of like, like they're trying to they don't want to live like that no more They Don't Want You know what I'm saying? I'm talking about trying to fix someone's problem who wants the problem? who welcomes the problem that's what you're doing when you're trying to love someone toxic you're trying to fix a problem that wants one it's not your responsibility to do so. If you want to know how to fix it all I'm not gonna leave you with no solutions. I'm gonna give you one right here shut down the race you guys got to cut people right off but you can set boundaries and people fall outside of those boundaries and you know what they got cut off boundaries it's not about any individual person it's about you. So you set boundaries that apply to everyone not everyone but the toxic person or everyone but your mama your daddy your kids know that certain about certain boundaries that that can no one cross there is personal space that can no one get to I don't care how close they are to me there's personal space and if he closed but you know depending on the person that I love, it's close but but it's still a barrier S Class productions a healthy berry I'm not gonna let this person get me upset and I'm not gonna let this person get me mad or wound up or or agitated or you know what I'm saying? I'm I'm not letting people get that close. Oh yeah, I can do that to me

Jason Hardin  13:01  
like I said, my shelf love can fix me but my love can't fix you if something's wrong with you and you and you're toxic and you don't want to get in you don't want to live you don't want to understand you don't want to care that's what I'm trying to do in this episode. I'm trying to get all them bosses that would be bosses if they wouldn't stuck on somebody that wasn't trying to go and grow and be somebody that they that they could be I'm sure these people can be great people if they if they wasn't so stuck on being toxic but I don't want that to be your problem. If you got a good head on your shoulders if you know what you want to be in life you got dreams, aspirations, wishes, hopes, and work ethic. Don't throw it all away and somebody who does it the wrong way on yourself. You deserve better. Anyway man that's my message man. You only talk to you person you could fix who loves you our time is precious and valuable in the only thing that's worth anything to me. So use it wisely. i So until next time remember that success is a lifestyle man check out life of a if you want to connect with me man. Check out my social media hardware hold on Instagram. Adjacent hardware hold no tic tac. Jason Hardin on Facebook man connect with me that's the best place to get free game inspiration and constant motivation because I'm always posting some positive. I man. I love y'all and until next time, peace