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Mind Your Conduct

October 31, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 69
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Mind Your Conduct
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In this episode, Hardin explains the impact of self-conduct on your quality of life. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:01  
Welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a boss the podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I'm extremely grateful to be here, man. For those that don't know, man, all we do on here is talk about boss. Shit. How to Move like one speak like one talk like one be like, Man, how to really take absolute control over yourself and who you are. You know everything you know how to do everything you say every day, everything you see, you know, like, it's hard to explain. You know, I checked out ice cubes, biography, autobiography, I think, did he do it his shell. But what did that I don't know different biography. I think it's an autobiography. But I skew. So sorry, man. I'm sorry about that iced tea. And in a chapter of iced teas book you know, through the whole book, he he goes about game, he just split the game. It's like, it wasn't like, about just things that happened to him. It was a lesson in everything that was going on. You know. And I loved his autobiography because it it taught, you know, didn't just say this happened to me, this happened to me, this was the experience man watching them be entertained. No, he, the movie, or the story of his life was lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson and, and how he built on each lesson or, or experience. And the one thing that stood out was there was a chapter in his book. And I don't remember the chapter name of the chapter, but within that chapter, he was talking about charming and in his words, not mine, he was like, I can't teach a motherfucker how to be charming. You learn it. And it was funny because like, that translated to he can teach them have a bucket a walk, talk and think and act like a boss. You know what I'm saying? I mean, he could teach you the lessons he can teach, you know, he can, he can show you the experiences and how they work. You know how to how they're used and, and all that but, but that that demeanor I'm gonna use a word you youngsters use their swag. You know that swag the that comes with or not even that comes with that create and projects success. Like really can't be taught. Well he couldn't teach it he said he couldn't teach it. But to be honest that's what this show is all about. We've tried to teach you because I think that's what I think that that's what starts the attitude it starts with show attitude all you successful all you are both all you unbreakable unstoppable. are you opposed to be back in with that word starts and starts with that feeling? bad attitude. whether it's real or not, man, it's that attitude like when someone's fired up. Things aren't happening around him he turned on latitude when you get pumped for a game in a war it's not about not about to happen you know a war is about to break out man but but he's getting pumped for a war he's turning on his attitude he's using attitude when you get pumped for something that's attitude that's you changing your whole demeanor to fit what you're trying to accomplish bosses do that shit 24/7 365

Jason Hardin  4:38  
Hey no off days and that's really what what I want to drive home in this episode is that is that how you add is what you go get in your determines what you gonna get out this game? In the game I'm talking about It's the game of life. You can hear how you how you how you move about how you speak how you talk how you think how you how you how you have your body gestures, how you sit how you all that shit it matters and above all else, it should matter to you

Jason Hardin  5:23  
you got to move like a boss, you got to move like that competence you got to move like you have total and in breakable self control in indestructible self control, like you gotta have, like, this is what I do for me and I'll accept nothing less this show no matter who does for me I can accept nothing less. No matter what happens around me what's going on what people are saying. This is how I treat me this is what I do for me. My wife works out at a gym, any gym in particular gyms, I've got these classes and, and she works out. religiously. I mean, every day, every day, I mean, we can be on vacation, she will find a class at a gym somewhere I had a 24 hour fitness LA Fitness, a Gold's Gym, she will find a class somewhere and go to it. What's happening around her doesn't dictate what she does for her. I don't have the discipline when I'm on vacation, on vacation and everything I need to be doing from a vacation and for making money out of vacation from work and out on vacation if I'm eating right. You know, when I go on vacation, man, I'm off. By all means off and you know, except my boss system, you know, except my my ability to spot opportunity and, and jump on it if I can, you know I'm saying so I'm never have all the way off but but I'm off on on the responsible shit. You know what I'm saying? I'm spending money you don't have said I'm doing everything good responsible, my wife. She still works out. I mean, hard, hard pushes herself hard. No matter what, wherever we have vacation. You know, when you don't matter if the day up, I'm talking about the day, no matter what we could be going somewhere doing something man, we, we don't go to the gym before. It don't matter, we got barely enough time to get to where we go and we'd go into the gym. But that attitude is is becoming of a box. And that's what I want to talk about today, man in moving like a boss and trying to be successful in it. And in creating and living your own definition of success. You don't have to carry yourself a certain way. To make it from nothing if you inherited everything I watched this show called bling empire and these motherfuckers got everything ended to them. Not to say the people didn't put in work not to say they don't put in work now with whatever they do. But they didn't have to to get with the oil. So that so they so they never had to be on they didn't have to understand that he had to carry the shelf in a certain way. They didn't have to compete in life. Not compete with anybody else, even though they didn't, but they didn't have to compete in life period. Everything was brought to them. And I say that to say the other 98% of us. 95% of us don't live like that. That didn't start out like that. We can live like that. But we didn't start out like that. We have to know how to carry yourself and how to move and how to talk and how to speak. Same shit, but you know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying like that. That's the stuff that it said he couldn't teach another fuse to believe that but because because from what he said taught me like, Okay, I mean, I knew I knew how to I knew what he was talking about. So I knew how to do all that I knew it. I knew what charm was I was always charming shit. Might not be nothing else but motherfuck I'm charming. Oh, damn it. But But what I'm saying is is that is that that can be taught. Charm can be taught acting and conducting oneself like a boss can be taught straight up

Jason Hardin  10:19  
in a one shot all to believe that I want you to feel that no one chose to apply that I want you to move like bosses I want y'all to be bosses that's the only reason why I'm here talking to y'all because y'all can be bosses y'all can understand and see and create opportunities. But to do that, we got to we got to we got to remove the clutter and distraction from our lives in anything unbecoming of a boss is clutter and distraction and, and an unnecessary whatever in our lives and we don't need it so let me end this episode by saying this I know I want to keep it short I want to keep it condensed man we can go I can go on forever about this but let me let me give you the top three things that are unbecoming of a boss my top three and I'm gonna count down from three to one you don't I'm saying so so they aren't a particular order but this is my top three things that are unbecoming of a boss and number one is begging bosses don't back we create if we don't get our way we make our way you don't I'm saying like like we don't beg for shit you're not gonna hold anything over our heads you don't say and we we move. And that's what I'm saying? To understand that you have to move in a certain way to really to really apply that you have to move in a certain way we don't back should we you'll never see us in a begging position you never see you don't say we never see if someone needs that Perry in one place we beat Norwegian we don't beg Porsches do not beg we bought her we bargain we sail we buy we give our Spiel you know there's all kinds of things we do but we don't beg you not I'm saying we we don't really ask nobody for anything that we can do for ourselves and I'm gonna tell you one thing but now if you don't believe in man you man I don't know what's wrong with you but you can do anything for yourself you can create anything and the only thing stopping you is to believe that you can't so bosses don't bang number number two that was number three number two tripping tripping is unbecoming of a boss I don't care what's going on what's happening what somebody said was somebody did keep your composure no matter what keep your composure no matter what it doesn't help to panic it really doesn't help to show panic and I'm not telling you to not be fearful I'm not telling you to not be hurt embarrassed upset all these are natural feelings natural emotion, but you don't have to show it

Jason Hardin  14:20  
those are all your emotions that you can keep and control how you want to you can let do to you what would you allow it to you can make it make you look like you want you don't I'm saying like you choose you control that self control. Keeping your composure is the ultimate form of self control the ultimate formula that should be number one, I don't know why then number two, so like I said these are in no particular order but tripping is a unbecoming of a boss stop weapon my brother in prison right now for weapon weapon S class thinking somebody else got to give a shit how you feel displaying your motions on an healthily a citizen in an unhealthy way but you know what I'm saying? I was trying to finish the word but I ain't trip I have composure no matter what come on my mouth I'm Obi would it because I mean it if I said it I meant it even if it was wrong at the time like you don't say it I couldn't recover I can bounce back I have composure have composure you can make a bad situation way worse because back to attitude and all this comes back to how you conduct yourself I don't just want to teach you the tricks and trades and hacks on how to get this how to do this man I want to help some of y'all understand how to best conduct yourself because you might know how to do everything else you might know how to get money you might know how to be a good father you might know how to do certain things but you might not know how to conduct yourself in a way that gives you what you need and want in any environment any situation anywhere you want

Jason Hardin  16:47  
I'm gonna tell you something respect is commanded not demanded you can never demand respect you come up in this room I now demand and respect you and I'm like who the fuck are you

Jason Hardin  17:08  
even if a new Yama style I hold on ma'am I really did you do you don't I'm saying I'm gonna start a session this motherfucker but someone can come in and nasiha word and command respect the whole womb just respect this person just okay I'm checking for after you'd say making sure my postures right you met my ties big man on my business card straight you don't have to say my palms sweating but but meet this motherfuck you know don't say respect is commanded not demanded and that's why you should never be tripping. You should never be tripping. Stop tripping. Stop losing your composure even inside you don't even gotta be out when you can be a shut in. Or you can keep all your shit bottled up and you trippin inside man stop and let it go stop tripping inside fill it if he was upset and misunderstood you was heard whatever it is angry man. Fill it in and let it go control it you defeat it it's not gonna help you you can't make no decisions in any of them states anyway never make a decision angry hurt tired upset gotta pee anything that's fucking what you it's gonna harm your ability to make a good decision which is why people on drugs make very bad decisions because it just alters your your sense of of being in reality you have no control you no longer have control in control and you don't know it you think you know alcohol get enough of it and alcohol show you what it do that you didn't know it could do. They could take over your whole body while you still up and awake. Just unaware. You don't I'm saying like, like I'm telling you. composure is everything stop tripping. Tripping is unbecoming of a boss. Then the last one. The last thing I have on here my top three things. Of what unbecoming of a boss is bombing. Bombing is unbecoming of a boss and I'm gonna tell you why. I'm gonna tell you what most people don't know abomination. It's like bombing a cigarette. Yeah, that's part of it. Yeah, hell yeah. You blow the smoke off me that you may Damn sure Obama That's That's damn show like that's probably where it came from with a term Berman actually you know originated it's sad it's it's almost like begging Bubbleman is deeper begging okay you might be begging for a little bit so you can get out of a situation and be back on you know on your grind until you lose it or to get whatever the hell but Berman isn't lifestyle woman is almost how you get down daily no matter what you know what is another word I call for people that was booming you know the I used to call a $5 Naked $5 Naked you don't look saying when you got $5 When you got a good you ask them for $5 Let me hold $5 If he ever asked anybody to hold five you don't say like hey I don't care what is rare because what we did when he was younger man it was the same I forget that they don't do it now but they they kind of funny way about him even when they shit together but they got a funny way maybe bombing maybe bombing still looking now they can get over steal steal steal no not wanting to really work for years not work hard I ain't even saying work hard you gotta grind like like really like like hard but you got to be smart and you got to know how to do something other than veal bomb blowing is not taking care of your cell phone is not caring how you dress how you look how you how you feel? Because well it's a reflection of how you feel and I talked about the people that just like bumps because they got it man that's a whole facet and they don't even reflect how they feel it's sometimes it Do you feel all tattered when whenever whenever millionaire wear tattered clothes me feel tattered Do you don't look sad like whatever I don't know Kanye well that crazy shit he feel crazy you don't say it I don't know

Jason Hardin  22:06  
that's what I've tried to stay clean clean cut shit fit you know what I'm saying? Because I want to I want to be clean cut and fit you know say no matter what I want to appear that way I want to feel that way. Or look at what I'm gonna do that way I want to act that way. I want to operate that way clean cut and fit

Jason Hardin  22:29  
smelling good eat all that good stuff you don't have shame the opposite of bummin Berman is unbecoming of a boss somebody coming over will man or woman take pride in who you are take pride in yourself take pride in what you know and what you got I don't care if you from the country down south wherever the fuck you from and you got you got you got some sense let's start there you got some sense with some sense you can put anything together you could put a fortune 500 company together which sense so do it act that way carry yourself that way should have started happening for you don't check out you ain't dead yet if you can hear this you're not dead yet don't check out you got a lot to live for. The better do better. Be better workout better treat your body better treat your mind better treat your mom better treat your daughter better treat your wife better stop bombing Stop begging and stop tripping man that's my message for the day man i hope i read somebody I hope I showed somebody a light I hope I showed somebody some some some way to articulate it to somebody who might need to hear this but moving away they get everything you need and want damn near handed to you I can't even I don't know how I've experienced and and have gotten damnit everything I want to add a life and still be broke you don't I'm saying I've gotten everything I wanted before I've got I got money in and that came from the way I carry myself man canes from Moo it came from moving like this It came from thinking like this speaking like this it didn't come from nowhere else I'm not from nowhere special. said my mama and my daddy you know these special but man they didn't have shipping they didn't come from ship but they came from everything man greatness is what we make it all right. So yeah, that's what it's about today. Hey Ben if you liked the show man comment man if you want to hear more free gaming visit my social media Hardway horn on Instagram. Jason Hardway Horton on Tik Tok man follow me check me out send me a message I'll try to send everybody a reply man whoever messages me. But yeah, check us out every Tuesday every tuesdays and every Mondays and Thursdays excuse me, man, we we we getting back on on on the ball. We're getting back on the river. Man. We we went on a hiatus for a minute because like I said, bandwidth, it's hard to stay consistent. Consistency is one of the hardest thing to keep and like I said anything could throw you off your game and no, and though we we took a break, and it wasn't really a big break, it was just we limited the show to like once a week. And that was only because we wanted to we're in a transition to moving we we want to reformat how we deliver content. And and I want to give you all the best of me. And to do that takes time. Anyway, I love y'all. appreciate y'all man. Keep checking us out, man. Visit life of a if you want to find more ways to connect, find merchandise man. Anyway, until next time, always remember that success is indeed a lifestyle. Peace.