LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast

Were All About Self-Improvement

November 03, 2022 JASON HARDIN Season 2 Episode 70
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast
Were All About Self-Improvement
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In this episode, Hardin reinforces the importance of self-improvement. #LifeOfABoss

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Jason Hardin  0:01  
Welcome back to another wonderful episode of Life of a boss the podcast. I am your host, Jason Hardin. And I am extremely grateful to be here. As always, I have another message that will help you become the boss you were meant to be because it's all about creating and living your own definition of success. And that's what, that's what I do. That's what I am. That's what I'm about. That's what I push. That's what I talk about. So if you ever hear me talk about the same stuff and know about success and about different ways to get it and different ways to improve yourself and, and be better than that, because that's what I do. That's all I'm about doing. That's all I want to listen to. That's all I want to hear if you stopped me on the street, but it'd be about something positive. Seriously, if you bring me up a problem seriously, if you do bring me a problem. This is only for the people listening right now, if you ever stopped me on the street, what a problem I want you to have, I want you to have two solutions for that problem. Two possible solutions, but that problem is I'm gonna ask you Well, what happened was what ways can we fix this problem? Well, give me two ways to fix this problem. So that's why we have to be our best selves. We have to be people we were meant to be inborn to be in and that's nothing less than greatness. That's what I believe is man that's what I believe is a boss that's what I believe as a human being that's what I believe in, in whatever you want to call life. You know what I'm saying? In this universe man, that's what I truly believe we're supposed to be the best version of ourselves and I say we I mean all of us each and every one of you. Not just me. I'm not supposed to be just great. By myself I'm not the only person that's supposed to be great. Greatness is here for all of us greatness is something that we can all be and have and do I want to do greatness I want to utilize and I want to be greatest I want to have greatness I want to show greatness I want to I want to speak greatness, talk move and walk greatness. So that's all we talked about on here self improvement, how to be a badass how to be your best self how to be how to be your ultimate self there's nothing else that matters there's nothing else just important nothing really, really moves the needle other than being a better human and improving something somewhere what can you do to make this happen to make this better to make this change? Self improvement is empowering not a chore it's not it's not something we should dread doing it's not something we should run from it's not self improvement it's something we should we should be we should be be stampeding to every self help book and and documentary and in class and and and workshop and in in everything should be full and free class and you don't I'm saying this this food courses in the park and it's your library. Everything should be full workshops, retreats, masterminds, everything should be full

Jason Hardin  4:10  
because that's how much self improvement matters. That's how much being better matters. And not for anyone else. But for yourself. And once you have to put yourself you haven't read everyone that cares about you, everyone that loves you everyone that you love, and you can do it properly

Jason Hardin  4:35  
if you will brace Chase, always always practice self improvement personal development whatever you want to call it. Awesome up week call. We call live like a boss man just being clear with Ross said it. He's built a whole career on the word boss. He says every thought at least four times

Jason Hardin  5:07  
in bosses is is nothing more than how how well you control yourself do you have impeccable control over yourself are you moving in a manner of pure intention and and and and purpose when I say pure I mean pure and whatever is it is you want out of life

Jason Hardin  5:45  
are you moving with with absolute intention and purpose that's what personal development my eating with purpose and then the best way to get me what I really want what do I really want? Do I want health do I want to live longer I want to do I want to be able to be mobile and playful with my with with my with my youngins whether that be nephews nieces offspring children you know whatever do I want to be able to enjoy life and still hike at 6070 8090 100 don't want to look young feel young Do or do I want to be free of diseases do you know self improvement there's nothing you can you can pray to there's no there's no pill you can take there is no there is no one book you can read and just and just have read and not applied and and think that that's a substitute for self improvement there's nothing

Jason Hardin  7:05  
you have to want and you have to want it for you and you have to want it for all the right reasons and all the right reasons this whatever you want out of life

Jason Hardin  7:22  
if you just want to see the highest peak in every country in the world impact your definition of success by by all means that is a great definition of success that's wonderful that that that that's unique that that totally screams you that's what you want to do that then then then every decision you make should have that its purpose getting there accomplishing that going to those peaks man that should be embedded in making every decision you make Do you understand what I'm saying? If you're if your intention is to make a shitload of money

Jason Hardin  8:16  
then then financial freedom should be embedded in everything you do. Not getting money but financial freedom you know personal budgeting your man but self control and spending and and in all that comes with making more money

Jason Hardin  8:43  
personal development man it all starts with you. How do you control you? And that's all we talk about here. That's all we discuss on the on this podcast. So So I understand. If this ain't for you, I understand if you're not trying to grow it, and the reason why I talk about it because this is me the only thing that makes this show unique is this is me saying it there's a million other motherfuckers that'll say the same shit that got money that got success that experience life and success in some way that overcome some some dangerous and some horrible shit. Again and again. Like there's a bunch of people out there that can share these same stories. And, and there's a bunch of them that do but they might not reach you and I might not even know them. I might not even be able to reach these people, or the one person that can really like change my life yet. But I've met a few you know, I'm wanting to be able to meet that one that well, you know, online, you know, I think I've met a lot Well, I've come across a lot of people that have like, triggered my, my desire to self improve, and be the best version of myself in, in not just areas that I think benefit me. But in every single area personal development is the key to success, I can't stress it enough. It's me here saying that it's me, he is saying that it's someone who who was against so many traditions and principles and, and, and in laws of, of so many kinds, you know, and I didn't want to conform to be successful. And, and I barbells against everything. And self improvement was definitely not on the list of things I thought I needed to be successful in life

Jason Hardin  11:25  
but when I started improving, how I shall improving how, how I did things, how I reacted how how, how I ate how I exercise you know, that's when things started happening when I started paying attention. And not just paying attention, but but, but moving with purpose on those things. Intentionally, you eating better, intentionally working out more intentionally reading more intentionally creating more content and being creative, and in my business and in my designs, and in productive. This simply being productive. Like, like, all, all of that was personal development. All that is means just just controlling what I could about me in improving what I could about me. And that's all the show's about. And I just wanted to take this episode to explain that. Because some people don't don't realize like how important all these points and tidbits off. They don't get that bit that that we go to real things. And then, but a lot of those real things are really common. You know, and some just don't experience it, whether whether it be the that they're not in that demographic. You know, they're not your color, the natural waist and not your gender, you know, for some reason, like people don't catch certain lessons in life. So, it's always important to preach on the lessons that they that you've over, overcome, or that you've seen or witnessed in life because whether you can share I have interviewees on my show people that are that I look up to people that I think are bosses in their own rights and natures to talk about pushing through personal development on their level. In what ways they can attribute their success to what they've done better with their selves in their time in their mind and new energy. What they've done the balsa that's what this show is about. How can I gain it from others? How can I how can I how can I talk to people? How can I get the best from the people that I know that I have access to? How can I share my best stories or my business experiences or my best lessons and and save someone just one more day just one more moment. Just one more dollar just one more, more? More ounce of of, of pain or regret due to not not not believing how important personal development is, how important being the best version of us and I'm not gonna repeat this so many times, but I'm gonna end it by saying if you want to gain an array or collective of stories and experiences and and lessons and interviews and and questions and and articles and in in current events or anything that I might speak on that I might present if you're trying to to gain knowledge on

Jason Hardin  16:16  
being the best version of yourself and succeeding in some way and trying to become inspired by the many different stories and people and different collection of experiences that we have on this show. This is the first this is the best place like this is the realest show on personal development well authentic real no takes streetable

Jason Hardin  16:57  
personal development who is the best deal? Are you the best deal? Or was this somebody that can be better? Can someone step in and be a better you? Because someone step in grabbed your skin like a costume and put it on and said I couldn't be a better more successful youth than you can if the honest answer is yes, what could they be doing? What would they be doing

Jason Hardin  17:40  
now try to try to do that try to do that whatever you can imagine somebody using you to do better do that we can all improve when can all be a better version of ourselves and it's a never ending process so I hope I reach someone somewhere with something I said I love y'all man. Remember success is a lifestyle. It's